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The Government have announced that they are continuing with their Grant allowance , called the Primary P.E. and Sport Funding. Schools are allocated a sum of money to improve the quantity, quality and breadth of Physical Education and School Sport provision for all children.

Our indicative Primary and Sport Funding for 2023/24 is £18,042. Schools will be given 65% in October 2023 and the remaining 35% in April 2024. 

Schools are responsible for demonstrating that they are using the money to promote healthy and active lifestyles, increase participation in sporting activities and have a strong and positive impact on the quality and quantity of PE and sports provision in school. The following document has been put together to outline how we spent our Sport Premium money in the last academic year, and the impact that it had.

How did we utilise the funding grant?

  • To engage all pupils in regular physical activity:  To ensure all pupils are meeting the government’s requirements of a minimum of 30 active minutes every day, we encourage pupils to continue to use the all-weather running track for the 'Daily Mile'. Pupils enjoy taking part in 'Wake and Shake' every morning in the school hall . Year 5 Playleaders organise and deliver structured games to Key Stage 1 to encourage 'active play'.  The Sports Crew role models encourage younger children to take part in competition. All year groups receive the recommended two hours per week physical education lesson time. 
  • To promote a healthy, active life: All pupils are taught the importance of physical activity to lead healthy life styles. The aim of the school is to ensure every child becomes physically literate by the end of year six. We are proud to see our pupils engage in afterschool clubs, inter-school festivals, inter-school competition and the love for sport is apparent throughout the school. 
  • To raise the standards of Curricular P.E.: The school continues to provide a broad and balanced curriculum through the Lancashire P.E. App. This is a portable Physical Education planning, assessment and tracking tool designed to enable teachers to deliver enjoyable, active and high quality lessons from the Lancashire Scheme of Work. It ensures continuity and progression throughout the school. 
  • To engage less active pupils in physical activity: All pupils' activities are tracked throughout the academic year. Less active pupils are encouraged to take part in various afterschool clubs. They are chosen for interschool festivals, where the aim is to take part in fun physical activities without the competitive element.
  • To continue to be a member of The Rossendale School Sports Partnership:  Our pupils have enjoyed competing in interschool competition provided by The Rossendale School Partnership. We are proud to have entered every competition and festival available in a wide range of sports.  means that we are a network of local schools organised under an umbrella of a local High School specialising in sports provision. Benefits of this partnership include (but are not limited to): 101 hours of sports coaching from professional coaches, access to inter-school competitions in a variety of sports, professional development courses for teaching staff, as well as the loaning of sports equipment
  • To promote sporting excellence and challenge our children who are Able, Gifted and Talented in sports: Children in school who we believe are Able, Gifted and Talented are encouraged to develop and apply skill their skills to a wide range of sports. They are given the opportunity to train and compete sporting activities and their achievements are celebrated.
  • To improve the quantity and quality of PE equipment in school:   To continue to provide high quality P.E. lessons we have purchased a  large selection of high quality P.E. equipment.
  • To gain access to Inclusion events and competitions: At Holy Trinity we aim to provide equality of opportunity. As a member of the Rossendale School Sports Partnership, we encourage children with special educational needs or physical disabilities to attend Inclusion Events so that they are able to train in sports and compete in tournaments. We have attended all of these sessions which provided a fantastic opportunity for the children involved.

What outcomes are we working towards?

  • Introduce the running track for pupils in EYFS and Key Stage 1 to engage pupils into physical activity.
  • Reintroduce the playleader scheme to increase physical activity participation levels for KS1 during playtimes.
  • Introduce the recognition scheme for pupils using the School Games Values for Playleaders during active play.
  • Improve outdoor facilities to encourage participation in a variety of sports, during the school day and as an extra-curricular club.

How will we measure the impact?

  • We will audit the impact of children’s enjoyment and engagement in PE through specific monitoring.
  • An expected increase in participation and interest in both new and established sports.
  • An increase in the number of pupils taking part in after school sport.
  • An increase in the number of pupils competing and being successful in competitive sports.

Year 6 2022-2023 Swimming information

  • swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres - 66%
  • use a range of strokes effectively - 63%
  • perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations - 51%
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