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Why learn a language at primary school?

Learning a foreign language became compulsory across England in September 2014. For our school, this was just the continuation of developing a subject, which already had a valued place on the school curriculum.

Learning a language has a key role to play in Key Stage 2. By teaching children earlier, we can tap into their enthusiasm and lack of self-consciousness; their curiosity for new sounds and words; their willingness to learn about new people and places. Children are excited to learn a new language and we owe it to them to make that learning enjoyable, fun and meaningful.

In our school, children will learn Spanish for 4 years in Key Stage 2.

Take a look at the documents below if you would like to know more about how Spanish is taught in our school.

 MFL Policy December 2023.pdfDownload
 Spanish Key Skills.pdfDownload
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Summer Spanish Competition

There was a terrific response to the Spanish poster competition!  It was a tough decision to choose four deserving winners as the creativity and vocabulary included was excellent.  Winners were announced at our end of term achievement assembly and they  received a Kinder 'Bueno' as their prize.  Well done and big thank you to all pupils who entered.  Look out for similar Spanish events in the next academic year!

Take a look at the gallery to view some of our pupils' work.

Spanish Spanish!

Try learning some new words here, or why not take a quiz? You can print out a score sheet and bring it in to school. Click on the link to begin!



 Class instructions.pptDownload
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�Escuchad! �Mirad! Practise some of the classroom instructions here!

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Learn the names of all the colours in Spanish.

 Whats your name.pptDownload
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Practise saying your name and asking other people what they are called.

Have some fun with 'The Lingo Show'

The BBC have produced a series of children's language programmes which are a great introduction to learning a foreign language. Click the link below to view some Spanish clips from The Lingo Show. 



Carry on learning!

Practise what you have learnt in class, and maybe something new, using this BBC website. Click on the link to begin!


There are lots of games to try out here on CrickWeb. 

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Practise counting in Spanish!

 Mr, Miss or Mrs.pptDownload
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Not sure how to say Mr, Mrs or Miss in Spanish? Listen how to do it here

 How old are you.pptDownload
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Ask someone how old they are using these phrases. Can you say how old you are, too?

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Take a look at these slides to help you to remember how to greet people in Spanish. Practise saying it and then click the speaker icon to check if you got it right.