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Welcome to Class 1H

with Miss Holmes

Year 1 Zoom Meeting

IH zoom meetings are on Monday and Wednesday each week at 10:45-11.15

Please see your invitation email for a link and details of how to join.

We will look forward to seeing all of you.


 If you have not received an invitation email please get in touch through the class email.


Thank you

Miss Holmes and Mrs Toddington

Good morning and welcome back to the  Year 1 online classroom!

I hope you are all safe and well and have enjoyed your break.


This is where you will find all your work for each day.  Some of the activities will last for the week, please look carefully at each piece of work.

There will be some Maths and some Literacy each day.

There will also be some Topic work .

Please make sure that you date each piece of work and take care over your work.


Don't forget Year 1 we are still your teachers and love hearing from you all.  If you want to email us pictures of things that you have been doing  you can email us using the Year 1 email address at the top of the page.   

Good morning Year 1. This would have been our last week in school together as 1H. You have all worked incredibly hard this year and adapted to our new way of learning really well. I am so proud of you all and it has been a pleasure to teach you. I  know our time together as 1H got cut short but we will always see each other round school. Keep up all of your hard work this week before you have a rest and a break over the holidays.





Time to start thinking about next year! This week I will put on an activity that I would like you to keep safe ready for next year.


There have been lots of things that we haven't been able to do this year. Why not create a bucket list of all of the things that you would like to do over the summer holidays.




 Can you recreate the patterns and shapes below?

Mrs Toddington :)  


 art activities.pdfDownload
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Noah had loved jumping in muddy puddles when he has been out walking.

Eli has been working very hard each day completing all of the work that has been set online. Well done Eli, keep up all of your hard work.

Wow! Look at Ethan's new hobby that he has taken up recently. He has been super excited about getting this bike.

Eli loved his certificate for completing the daily mile. Well done Eli!

Eli has been working hard writing his own instructions! He even followed the recipe from the reading comprehension for the Greek salad, which he really enjoyed. Well done Eli.

Emme has been working hard doing all of her school work. She has been on lots of walks and seen lots of animals on her walks. Emme even took her doll in her pram on one of her walks. She has also been busy planting sunflowers and is looking forward to watching them grow. Keep up all of your hard work Emme!

Ethan really enjoyed following his own instructions today and making his very own potion! Well done Ethan, even your giraffe came to help you!

Molly and her mum were able to follow the instructions carefully today to make their own pirate hats. They even made one for Peggy! We all get to hear lots about Peggy in 1H, so here she is! 

Big well done to Eli and his brothers for taking part in the virtual mile today! It looks like you had lots of fun together.

Lacey worked hard following her own instructions to make a lemon curd sandwich. Well done Lacey!

Moses loved following his own instructions today on how to make a  jam sandwich! Which jam did you pick to have in your sandwich Moses? It looks yummy! I heard that you enjoyed eating it just as much as what you did making it.

Brilliant job, well done!

Eli has been working very hard over the last two days spending time working on his school work. He has even been doing his own spelling tests and getting ten out of ten! Well done Eli. Keep up all of your hard work.


Eli has been enjoying going out on his scooter in the mornings before starting his school work. Look at you going down that big ramp! Wow!

Joshua has been working really hard with Mum at home and has spent lots of time reading his books on Bug Club. Well done Joshua! He has also been doing lots of arts and crafts at home too. He has even been in the Free Press for drawing and painting keep safe posters and pictures for his street to put up to try and brighten up everybody's day.  This is such a lovely thing to do! Keep smiling Joshua.

Eli has been working super hard on his spellings each day this week. He even got 5/5 on his test that his Mum gave him today. Well done Eli keep up all of your hard work and keep smiling!

Peyton has been working really hard this morning working on his Maths and Spelling. He was planning on doing some Phonics this afternoon too. Peyton has been writing all about the things that he has been doing over the last few weeks. I am sure that you have had lots of fun. Well done Peyton. Keep up all of your hard work.

Lacey has been working really hard last week. She has created a fantastic Florence Nightingale lamp which looks super sparkly! She has also draw her own new Gruffalo and written all about it. Lacey was super creative when making her Gruffalo menu and used air-drying clay to make the different things that she had written on her menu. It is nice to hear and see how creative you have been.

Well done Lacey! 

Verity has been working incredibly hard in school making sure that she completes her daily work. Well done  Verity I am really impressed! Keep working hard and keep smiling. You have created a brilliant new Gruffalo and written lots of good descriptions about it. Well done!

Moses has been working really hard over the last few days on his Literacy work. He has created a brilliant Gruffalo menu and created his own Gruffalo with some fantastic descriptions. Well done Moses keep up all of your hard work! I can tell that you have worked really hard on your new Gruffalo.

Noah has been working really hard this morning doing his Maths and Literacy work. Noah came up with a brilliant idea and used his mini Thomas trains to make the groups to help him with his work. He has also created his new Gruffalo called Cherry. Noah has told me that Cherry likes to eat cookies, apples and bananas. 

Well done Noah you are working really hard. Keep up all of your good work!

Eli has been working hard this week completing the work about the Gruffalo. He has really enjoyed reading the story ad completing the different activities on it. Well done Eli I am really impressed with how much your writing has improved.

Keep up all of your hard work!

Peyton has been working really hard at home. He has completed today's literacy work and said that if he saw The Gruffalo in the garden he would go inside and tell his Dad to make him leave and go home! He has been keeping busy doing spelling tests and the work that we have been putting online each day. Peyton has also been doing work in some books that his mum has bought for him.

Well done Peyton. Keep up all of your hard work!

Charlie has been enjoying spending extra time doing Arts and Crafts. This is his Hogwarts castle that he spent a lot of time making. He has even included Ron, Harry and Hermione  in front of the castle. Charlie has been trying really hard to complete all of the work that we have been putting online as well as enjoying doing all of this extra Art work!

Well done Charlie. Keep up all of your hard work!

Wow Leo your Gruffalo menu is brilliant! You have been really creative with your ideas. I can tell that you have put lots of thought into it. Well done!

Leo has also been working hard on his times tables. He has even started to learn his 5 times tables! Well done Leo! You are working incredibly hard and I have seen that you have been reading lots of books on Bug Club as well.

Keep up all of your hard work!

Ethan has been working really hard at home on all of his school work. He has even been trying to do Joe Wicks' PE everyday! He has even taken up doing a bit of DIY and building work with his by helping him make a bench! Ethan has been enjoying spending lots of time playing in the garden with his brother and sisters.


Ethan has even sent a picture of his monster! His monster is called Gooey and he has three eyes!

Well done Ethan. Keep up all of your hard work!

Lacey has been working really hard at home. She has been very busy making posters, doing arts and crafts and making rainbows to put up in her windows. This is a fantastic idea Lacey I am sure that it will be making lots of people smile when they walk past your house!

Lacey has also been enjoying spending more time going up to see  her horse Ronnie and spending time with her rabbits in the garden. She has been working on the school work that we put online and having a go at Joe Wicks' workout!

Keep up all of your hard work Lacey and keep smiling!

Eli is working incredibly hard at home. He is spending lots of time working on his reading and writing but is enjoying doing all of the work that has been posted online.

Its lovely to see that Eli is also enjoying playing outside with his brothers and having lots of fun!


Keep up all of your hard work Eli and keep smiling! 

Molly has been working really hard on her Maths work this morning all about Mass and Weight. She has been using her left over Easter treats to help her! This is a brilliant idea Molly! 

Molly has also been enjoying her daily walks with her puppy Peggy.

It is really lovely to see that you are working hard Molly but also enjoying spending time outside and playing with Peggy. Keep up all of your hard work!

Moses has been working really hard with his brother looking at the Stone Age recently. He has also created his own postcard with the London Eye on it hoping that he can go and visit it soon. This is a brilliant idea Moses!

It is lovely to see you working hard Moses, keep up the good work!

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PE websites - Go Noodle - Cosmic Yoga PE with Joe Wicks Dancing with Oti Mabuse




I am sure lots have you have been out on your daily walks. You can write a comment in our Guestbook telling me about what you have seen on your walk if you like! Or even send us an email.





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