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Welcome to 5B!

Summer 1 Half Term

This half term is rather short, but we still have lots of exciting things going on! Take a look below to find out...

In Literacy we will be writing an information text based on a country of our choice!

Image result for information text ks2

In Numeracy we will begin by learning how to multiply and divide decimals by 10, 100 and 1000.

Image result for multiply and divide decimals by 10 100 and 1000 powerpoint

In Science we will be learning about the life cycle of plants and how they reproduce. 

Image result for plants year 5

We will be studying the continent of North America in Geography and looking at how the states are different. 

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In PSHE our topic is Sex and Relationships where we will be thinking about how our bodies change as we get older. 

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Later on in the half term , we will begin our second History topic of the year which is The Tudors. This will also continue after the May holiday.

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Keep checking back to find out information that will be coming up next half term such as

  • Bikeability 
  • School trip
  • Sports Day
  • Concerts AND much much more!

Easter visit to Church

 On Tuesday 2nd April Year 5 went down to Holy Trinity Church to take part in an Easter activity afternoon. 

They took part in five carousel activities, each focusing on a different part of the Easter story.

We all had a great time and learnt lots of new things. Take a look at our pictures...

Spring 2

Take a look at what is going on this half term...

In Literacy we will begin the half term with a two week reading comprehension unit and then we will move on to  a grammar unit looking at expanded noun phrases.

Our main writing unit this half term is persuasion where we will be creating our own theme park and trying to encourage people to come to it. 

 Image result for persuasive writing ks2

In Numeracy our focus this half term is fractions. We will be exploring how to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and we will be solving fraction problems. Image result for improper fractions mixed numbers

In topic we will begin with art where we will be exploring the patterns in the Bayeux Tapestry and using these to create our own design using the batik technique. We will also be exploring how to create perspective drawings. 

Image result for bayeux tapestry

Our Science unit this half term is exploring materials and their properties. We will be investigating which chemical reactions are reversible and irreversible. 

Image result for reversible and irreversible changes ks2

Swimming continues to take place on a Thursday and PE is on a Monday. Please make sure that you have a full kit for each. 

Spellings for this week:











Image result for times table rockstars

Remember to login and play more games to increase your rock status! 

Login details can be found inside your reading record. Click here to take you there now! 

Welcome back to Spring term! I hope that you all had a great two weeks off.

Take a look at what is going on over the next half term...


We will begin the year with a grammar week looking at using similes as sentence starters. How many similes can you think of?

Image result for similes

We will then begin a two week unit looking at a story with a historical setting...The Vikings!


Maths will begin the year with area and perimeter. We will then move on to look at symmetry and tessellations. 

Image result for area and perimeter

Topic - History

Our first history unit of the year is The Anglo-Saxons and The Vikings. During this unit we will be learning about what life was like during these periods and be discovering some key places famous during this time. We will also be comparing life in the two different history periods. Which would you prefer to live in?

Image result for vikings and the anglo saxons


Swimming will not take place during the first week so the first session of the year will be on Thursday 17th January. Please remember your PE kits on a Monday too.


Our new Geography topic is Wales. During this topic we will be learning about key cities, towns, mountains and other physical and human features found in Wales. 

Have any of you ever visited? What is it like? What did you do?

Image result for wales

In Science we will be exploring forces. We will be learning about Isaac Newton and his findings and we will be carrying out different investigations which demonstrate the forces which act on various objects.

Image result for forces ks2

Take a look below at our fabulous clay dragon eyes...

Welcome back to your second half term in Year 5!

Take a look below at what is coming up over the next few weeks...

In Literacy we will begin with a grammar week focusing on different sentence starters using -ed and -ing words. How many suitable words can you think of?

  Image result for ing sentence openersRelated image

In Numeracy we will continue our work with decimals. We will be rounding decimals to the nearest whole number and the nearest tenth. We will then be adding and subtracting using decimals and solving problems involving money. 

Image result for rounding decimals

In Science we will be continuing our topic looking at properties of different materials. We will be planning and carrying out a fair test to find the best insulator to stop ice melting. 

Image result for ice melting clipart

We will be starting a new 3 week Design and Technology unit involving textiles and cushions. We will be researching  how they are made and designed before creating our own felt cushion using different sewing skills and techniques. 

Image result for animal felt cushions ks2

Remember to keep reading regularly at home and filling in your reading record what you have read. Don't forget you can access Bug Club at home to.

Over the next three weeks, our topic lessons will be Art based. We will be sketching and drawing dragon eyes to start with before creating our own using clay. Check back in a few weeks to see how we get on!

Image result for dragon eyes ks2

Grammar and Punctuation Glossary

Not sure what a modal verb is? Can't remember what an adverb is? Then take a look at the below GPS Glossary to help you. This may come in handy for your homework too. 

Thank you to those who could attend the Welcome Meeting on Tuesday.

If you could not make it then please take a look at the PowerPoint below which was presented during the meeting. If you have any questions then please ask!


I hope that you have all had a lovely summer and are ready to come back to school and learn lots of new things!


Take a look at what we are doing in our class this half term...

Literacy - In Literacy we will begin with a grammar week learning about something new called relative clauses. Can you remember what they are? We will then be completing a Legend unit where we will be exploring the main features of a Legend before writing our own.

Image result for legend ks2

Numeracy - Topics that we will learn about first in Year 5 are Fractions of amounts, Angles, Perpendicular and Parallel lines and Squares and Rectangles. 

Image result for maths clipart


Topic - Our first topic is Religious Education (RE) where we will be looking at different religious stories told and their meaning. We will be focusing on Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism. 

Image result for religious education ks2

Science - We will begin the year with a really interesting unit - Earth and Space. Can you name any planets? Do you know why we have night and day?

Image result for earth and space ks2

PSHE - We will be exploring the importance of Taking Part. 

Image result for pshe ks2

Our PE day this year is on a Monday. Please make sure that you have a full PE kit in school everyday. 

Image result for pe clipart

Swimming will take place on a Thursday this year. Please make sure that you bring your kit to school every week. 

Image result for swimming clipart

Remember to try and read at home every night and to record in your Reading Record.

Don't forget that you can access Bug Club too at home on 




It looks like a busy half term!

If you have any questions then please contact me via the school office.

Mrs Barnes