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Welcome to 5B!

Online Learning from Tuesday 5th January 

Please login to your Google Classroom account. You can login to Google Classroom here 


To join our class Online Zoom Teaching Sessions, you will need to click the link on the 5B Google Classroom stream. 


Live teaching session times are as follows:

Session 1   9:15-10:15 Maths

Session 2   10:45-11:45 English

Session 3   12:45-1:45 Topic

Session 4   2:15-3:15 Topic

All work can be found daily on the Year 5 Google Classroom stream. 

If you have any problems logging on, please email 

Thank you

Mrs Barnes and Mrs Say


Monday 4th January

 Good morning Year 5 and Happy New Year!

There will be no live Zoom session today so I would like you to have a go at the activities below. If you need to get hold of Mrs Barnes or Mrs Say, please email 

Thank you

Maths - There is a TTRS tournament between 5B and 5S running today. Who will win? Log in here to take part... 

Reading - Log into your Bug Club account here and have a read of some books and answer the questions.  

Geography - Our new topic in Geography is the USA, North America , Canada, Mexico and the Arctic and Antarctic circles. Can you find out some facts about these places? Use to help you. 

Spanish - Recap your Spanish knowledge with this interactive game. As you work your way through the game, there are different categories for you to practice. 

Literacy - Have a go at the 60 second reading comprehension below about water safety. You only need to write the answers down.  


Hello 5B - Mrs Barnes here! If you have any questions about anything please use the below guestbook to leave me a message! Remember to only use your first name when you write a message.

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Mrs Barnes(less than a year ago)

Hi Jessica! Sounds like you have been busy since you left school today! If you look further up the page you should see where it says Lancashire School Games. Here you will find a link that says 'click here' for the celebration dance. See you in the morning! Mrs Barnes

Jessica l(less than a year ago)

Hi miss Barnes I just wanted to say that when I try to do the sports dance I can't find it on the website anyway I went to b&m and I got some toys with my £20 that my grandad have me I can't wait for the movies tomorrow morning bye miss barnes

Mrs Barnes(less than a year ago)

Hello Jacob - great to hear from you! I am glad that you enjoyed learning about The Titanic today. We will be leaning some more about it each day in English this week. It sounds like you are working very hard. Keep it up!

Jacob Coyle(less than a year ago)

Hi Mrs Barnes hope your ok. Today I enjoyed learning about the Titanic, I created a true or false quiz for my mum and she got 5/7 correct she did very well! I have been getting on with my work lots, I have a full folder if it. I am enjoying topic the most! Hope to see you soon. From Jacob Coyle

Mrs Barnes(less than a year ago)

Hello Ella - woo hoo that was good! Well done - thanks for letting me know! Are you going to try it again over the next couple of weeks, to see if you can beat it again?

Ella(less than a year ago)

hello Mrs Barnes I did the mile thing and first I got 45 minuets then I got 40 minuets

Mrs Barnes(less than a year ago)

It sounds really good Jaydn - it's making me feel hungry! Enjoy your cooking!

Jaydn(less than a year ago)

I used egg noodles, stir fried them, then added chicken pieces , peppers, bean sprouts and chilli Sauce and some herbs of mums.

Mrs Barnes(less than a year ago)

Hi Jaydn - that sounds rather yummy! What ingredients did you put in it?

Jaydn(less than a year ago)

Hi Mrs Barnes. I had a cooking lesson today with my mum. She taught me how to make my own chilli chicken egg noodles and they were really good.

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Here are some useful websites that you can use at home:

 Times Table Rock Stars!Times Tables Rock Stars 

Image result for bugclub uk Bug Club (The school code is bacu)

Image result for idl IDL  (Not all of you have a login for this - if it is you then you know about it!)

Image result for times table rockstars

Remember to login and play more games to increase your rock status! 

Login details can be found inside your reading record. Click here to take you there now! 

Grammar and Punctuation Glossary

Not sure what a modal verb is? Can't remember what an adverb is? Then take a look at the below GPS Glossary to help you. This may come in handy for your homework too.