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Residential Visit 2024

This year we will be visiting High Adventure on Monday 4th March and returning back to school on Wednesday 6th March. 

There will be a kit list and other useful information sent home in the spring term.

A meeting will also be held where you will have a chance to ask questions. 

Thank you

Mrs Burns 

High Adventure

Take a look at the trip from 2023


Welcome to Day 1 at High Adventure! 

This afternoon, we all ventured up to The Crag and then over to Lund's Tower.  The views from up there were stunning! Whilst we were there, the children played some games and did some 'weaseling'.  They all had a great time! 

Teatime was spaghetti bolognese and a choc ice!  What a treat! 

This evening, the children are tackling The Labyrinth!  Pictures of this will be on tomorrow!  

If you can, please write a comment and we will read them all out later on!

Please note, the comments won't be published straight away, they take a little bit of time.  

We hope you enjoy the pictures! 

Day 2

Photos from High Adventure 2023 will be posted here daily at about 8pm. 

High Adventure have updated their website!  Take a look here:


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Taylor casey(less than a year ago)

Wow it looks amazing you all seem to be having so much fun. Missing you lots love you loads from us all at home. Xxxx

Tracey(less than a year ago)

Love you Ryley bear!!!

Leanne (Olivia's Mum)(less than a year ago)

Wow you have been busy the pictures are brilliant we laughed at your head popping up on other peoples photos lol, enjoy the rest of your time and we will see you tomorrow love from all of us xx

Ian Bury(less than a year ago)

Looks like you're all having a great time. Can't wait to hear the stories tomorrow. Mum and dad

Natalie & Pete ( Brodie's Mum & Dad )(less than a year ago)

Looks like your all having so much fun

Adele ward re isabella(less than a year ago)

Looks fun you look like you're having a great time see you soon love nanny xxx

Jessica (Bella's mum)(less than a year ago)

Loving the pictures looks like you've had another great day with your friends :) have the best time love you lots xxxx

Bethany Isabellas mum(less than a year ago)

Looks like your having a great time can see the weather's not stopped you wearing shorts can't wait to see you tomorrow Eric keeps looking and shouting you love mum,John and Eric x

Cathy and Peter Kierans- Erin’s Grandma and Grandad(less than a year ago)

Wow Erin you’re certainly having some fantastic intrepid adventures! What a fabulous experience, making lots of special memories with your pals. Enjoy the rest of the fun to come and we look forward to hearing all about it when you come home. We’re all missing you, love you loads, Grandma Cathy and Grandad Pete xxx

Andrew Cahill Daniels dad(less than a year ago)

Glad you're having fun, love from all at home . See you tomorrow

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