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Good morning Year 4 

We hope you are feeling well and ready to do some work.

Work is posted daily on google classroom.

The time table will be as follows:


Session 1: Maths       9.15-10.15

Session 2: Literacy  10.45-11.45

Session 3: Geography  12.45- 1.45

Session 4: Science 2.15- 3.15



Meeting ID: 743 5280 4606


If you require the passcode please email using the address below.

The passcode is also available on google classroom.



As always, you can reach the teachers with your questions, on the email listed below.


Thank you once again for your patience and support. 

Well Being Wednesday


Please find below activities to work on throughout Wednesday. You should be able to do most of these tasks without help and away from your screen.


A well-being box.

Can you find and decorate a box with images and words that you love and make you happy? Put things inside that make you feel happy. Pictures/Objects.



Our Autumn Achievement award for 4GT goes to 


Well done !!   

Ms Grimshaw's Zoomer of the week is Esmee! Well done Esmee, you have tried really hard this week to stay focused and concentrate, even with many distractions.

Mrs Toddington's zoomer of the week is Ismaeel! Super effort in lessons. Always going the extra mile and adding detail to responses. 


Wow! Look at some of the amazing work being done at home! 

Additional Learning Opportunities

Week beg 22.2.21


Practice your multiplication on the sheets below.

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 Y4 Home Learning Booklet.pdfDownload
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Can you colour and label the fractions on the worksheet?


Showing 1-1 of 1
Showing 1-3 of 3

Have a go at the fractions matching cards - match the written fraction to the picture.

We have been discussing homophones in our lessons. Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings. Have a go at the activity below.

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We are working on writing our own stories with dilemmas. Read the story below and answer the questions based on the text.

 Comprehension questions.docxDownload
 Wanda and the Alien.docxDownload
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Literacy Games 

Click the links to have a go at the games below.


Crystal Explorers






We have been learning all about sound and how it is created. Can you create your own fact cards about sound? Below is an example of some fact cards and a blank version for you to fill in.

 Sound Challenge Blank.docDownload
 Sound Challenge Cards.pdfDownload
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Or you can complete and make your very own wordsearch using Science vocabulary. Use the examples below.

 Sound Word Search-2.pdfDownload
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This week we are starting to learn about the Ancient Greeks.

Below you can find an wordsearch, then could you try to make your own?

Then, there is a blank template to create your own Greek Vase design. Could this include some Olympic figures?

Finally, can you create your own Greek God factfile? Choose one of the gods to research on kidzsearch.

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P.E. time (Wednesday afternoon)

You do not have any Zoom lessons on Wednesday afternoon but we all need to stay active. There are plenty of ways to do this! Below are plenty of ideas to keep you busy this afternoon to try. 

Remember all across Rossendale, all school children are taking part in the #21minutechallenge which is encouraging you to do AT LEAST 21 minutes of exercise and sharing your workouts on social media. Don't forget to add #21minutechallenge and nominate 3 people to take part also.

Please find below, information regarding online learning. 

Thank you for your help and support.

Autumn 2 Letter regarding online learning

 y4 online learning letter.docDownload
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Our learning journey

 Half termly Overview Autumn Term 2 2020-21.docxDownload
 Half termly Overview Spring Term 1 2021 (1).docxDownload
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Below you can find some key things that you will need to know for coming back to school:

  • Start Time: 8.50am
  • Finish Time: 3:05pm
  • To enter our classroom, you will need to walk up the main path round by the nursery building and turn left to line up outside our class room door.
  • You will also line up her to collect your child at the end of the day.
  • You will leave school through the car park exit.  
  • Children can bring their own hand gel if they wish, however, there are numerous hand gel stations throughout the class and school.
  •  Before entering school, you will be given some hand gel. Please make sure your child has thoroughly washed their hands before they come to school.  

  • School bags, lunch bags and coats will be stored in the cloakroom outside the classroom as normal.

  • Full school uniform please except on a Thursday when it is PE.  Children are to wear their PE t-shirt and shorts or tracksuit bottoms/leggings with school shoes and their school jumper. Their pumps should be brought in their school bag.     

  • Children will not need to bring pencil cases or stationery in from school.


To give you an idea of what a typical day in Year 4 would be see below:




8.50 – 9.05


9.05 – 9.30


9.30 – 9.55

LESSON 2 – Part 1

9.55 - 10.05


10.15 – 10.35

LESSON 2 – Part 2

10.35 – 11.20


11.20 – 12.00


12.00 – 1.05


1.10 – 1.30


1.30 – 1.50


1.50  – 2.00


2.00 – 3.00





If you have any questions or queries please get in touch via the class email. 

School swimming and PE.


Year 4 swimming is on Tuesdays starting Tuesday 8th September. (Currently postponed until further notice-a message will be send out via the app to let you know when this is to restart.)


Year 4 PE is on Thursdays starting Thursday 10th September. We will be doing PE outside as much as possible so please send your child in tracksuit bottoms or joggers.

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Please ask me any questions that you might have about your work or let me know what you have been up to at home...

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autumn(less than a year ago)

I don't want to leave year 4 yet

Mrs Farina(less than a year ago)

Hello Autumn, Hope you are ok. It was good to see you yesterday!

autumn(less than a year ago)

Good morning Mrs Farina :)

Danielle(less than a year ago)

okay that is fine

Mrs Farina(less than a year ago)

Hello Danielle, hope you managed to get on the website. If not, you need to ask a parent to become a member which is free. We have used this website a lot over the last few weeks so they may have already registered their details on there.

Danielle(less than a year ago)

How do I get on to the fantastic women when I need a login

Mrs Farina(less than a year ago)

Hello Olivia, I am very well thank you. How are you? It is good to hear from you. I am glad to see that you have been on bug club this week!

olivia(less than a year ago)

hi how are you today :)

Mrs Farina(less than a year ago)

Hello Autumn, word hippo just gives the definition of words.

autumn pearson(less than a year ago)

can we make a rap using word hippo?

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Remember that you can read on Bug Club! There are also some grammar and punctuation games on there that you could play.