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Discover the marvellous world of classical music with David Walliams!

What's both MARVELLOUS and MUSICAL? David Walliams's Marvellous Musical Podcast, that's what.

You might well have heard of Mozart – and you've definitely heard his music. But did you know that he loved fart jokes and had a pet starling? Or that Beethoven was so scruffy he was once arrested for being a tramp.

And have you heard the story of the ballerina who was so jealous of one of her fellow dancers that she released a flock of chickens during a performance?

Or that Clara Schumann was actually a robot? Wait. That one's not true.

Join David Walliams for a marvellous musical journey and meet some familiar names along the way – from the 19th-century heart throb Franz Liszt to the famously grumpy Ludwig van Beethoven. 


There is a quiz at the bottom of the page too if you fancy it...

This is a book all about the Coronavirus.  Have a read if you want to, it explains what it is, how we can help and talks about some of the emotions you may be feeling at the moment. 

Happy Monday everyone! These next 2 weeks should have been our Easter holidays but as everyone is still being asked to stay at home, we are still putting work on the website Monday - Thursday this week. 

From Tuesday next week, we will be putting some websites on that you may find helpful and fun, so nothing to do in your books next week!

Keep sending messages on the guestbook, we love hearing from you! Ask someone to send pics of your work to

Keep smiling Year 6 - you are all amazing! 

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Hi everyone.  I hope you are all safe and well.  Just a note about the work being set.  

Parents/guardians: - the work that is set daily is to be completed in their exercise books.  As long as each piece is dated and with the title (eg maths or literacy) them can just write the answer.  Some of the maths questions will need them to write out the question first.  

If they don't achieve everything every day, this is ok.  The last thing we want is for the children to be getting upset and stressed over a piece of work.   

You are your child's primary educator and you must decide what is best for your child.  

There are lots of online games and activities on the bottom of this page and on the home page of the website if they need something different. There should also be lots of work left in the pack that was sent home for the first week.  If they want to carry on with anything in there instead, that is fine too!

We are trying to arrange the work to make it easier for the children to access so you may see a slight change next week.  Please remember you can email us direct if you have a question or query:     Thank you, you are doing a great job! 


Children: Hi everyone!  Missing you all.  Hope you are able to do the work from the website, remember to write out your answers in your green exercise book. Sometimes just the answer will do, for maths, write out the question first.  

Please don't worry if you don't manage to do all the work on some days - this is ok.  Please don't get upset or angry because you don't understand something or you can't do it - this is ok.  If you have had a go, then leave it. Go and do something else - star jumps, play with the dog, watch TV, read a book, wash up (yes, children can wash up!!) tidy your room, ring a friend for a chat, make a time capsule... this is ok!! 

I am still here for you and am thinking of you every day! 

I'm Here if you need me | Teddy bear quotes, Teddy bear pictures ...Everything Will Be Okay Greeting Card – GREER Chicago


Hi Year 6!  This is where you can ask a question about any of the work that has been set or simply to keep in touch to say hi.  

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Please feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a comment...

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Mrs B(less than a day ago)

Hi Isabelle! Nice to hear from you! How are you? Have you been doing the Joe Wicks workout in the morning? Hope your family are safe and well.

Mrs B(less than a day ago)

Hi Sammy! Lovely to hear from you! Hope you are your family are ok. Have you been listening to the David Walliams audioboks?

Isabelle Whittaker(less than a day ago)

Just checking in to say hi. Everybody okay?

Sammy troughton(about a day ago)


Mrs B(a couple of days ago)

Hello Ellie, nice to hear from you. These next 2 weeks should have been our Easter holidays but as everyone is still being asked to stay at home, we are putting work on the website Monday - Thursday this week. From Tuesday next week, we will be putting some websites on that you may find helpful and fun! Lots of games and activities for next week! Nothing to put in your book! Take care! Mrs B

Ellie(a couple of days ago)

Hi is it Easter holidays soon? And will we still have work?

Mrs B(less than a week ago)

Hi Hallie, lovely to hear from you! Say hi to your sister too! What have you been doing this week? Have you tried Joe Wicks in the morning? It's very good!

Hallie(less than a week ago)

Hi my sister said hi

Mrs B(about a week ago)

Hi Maddy, if you haven't already started your story you could begin by telling me about the other dogs that lived in the forest. Describe them using expanded noun phrases, use adverbs to tell me how they moved around the forest, use adjectives to describe the forest... Don't over think it, just go for it!

Mrs B(about a week ago)

Hi Jensen, you can just carry on with the story. Say hi to Spencer too!

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Why don't you have a go at these brain gym exercises! Some are really tricky...

Hall of Fame!!

Computing Competition.

ChildNet are running a fantastic competition that asks you to make a 2 minute video about the internet. You can use the skills you learned when you created your Internet Safety videos!

Please ask an adult to upload your videos and if you can send them to myself and Mrs Burns!


If you want to send some finished work in for us to look at, please ask an adult to take a picture and email it to: 

We would love to see your work! 

6B Classroom

 Hello and welcome to 6B online classroom!

This is where you will find all your work for the day.  Some of the activities will last for the week, please look carefully at each piece of work.

Some tips:

  • Date every piece of work
  • Rule off after each piece of work
  • Take care with presentation
  • Remember to use capital letters and full stops
  • Have a go at every question - they are the same things that we have been doing in class.  If you are really struggling and have had a go, ask an adult, if you are still struggling, pop a message on the guest book and I will get back to you.
  • Read the question carefully, twice.
  • The work on this page (6B) is for:
    •  Mrs Burns' Maths and Mr Apsin's Maths 
    •  Mrs Burns' reading and Mr Aspin's reading groups
    • Literacy for both classes


I am very proud of each and every one of you - go and be the best that you can be! Go for it GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Suggested timetable

You do not have to follow this, it is just a suggestion!

  •  9am - Joe Wicks  - get your daily dose of PE!! (YouTube) 
  • 5 a day
  • Maths lesson 
  • GPS /Literacy
  • Reading 
  • 11am - David Walliams 
  • Topic work.

I know this looks like a lot of work, but it should only take you about 1 and a half - 2 hours. 

Don't forget to take a break, get some fresh air, have a snack and a drink and keep washing your hands! 



These are your 5 a day questions for the week, well, until Thursday!  

5 a day answers from Tuesday:


  • 15 – 8.98 = 6.02
  • 7 x 7 x 5 = 2401
  • 5634 6 = 939
  • 5 x 7.34 = 36.7
  • 36 - (5 x 2) = 26


Maths - Monday - Thursday.  

Each day there is an arithmetic fluency quiz for you to do!  I know how much you enjoy them! Write the question out in your book, work it out, then make the answer really clear. 

Monday - Paper 1

Tuesday - Paper 2

Wednesday - Paper 3

Thursday - Paper 4

Answers from Tuesday:

Click below for free books!  You can either listen to them or read them online! - then click on Audiobooks at the top!

Reading Week

Tuesday answers

Wednesday Reading



We will be looking at Brazil.


Wednesday and Thursday

Using the different perspectives on deforestation that you have completed on Monday, create a poster to highlight the impact deforestation in the Amazon has. Please email your posters to us and I can create a gallery.

Reds/Yellows. To consider the impact deforestation has locally (South America).

Green. To consider the impact deforestation has locally and globally.



David Walliams on Twitter: "Today's audio story from 'The World's ... Elevenses with The World of David Walliams - Free 30 days audio ...

Listen to David Walliams reading his own stories from the World's Worst Children books - here at 11am.

Click the link below: 

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From Monday 30th March:

My maths group and Mr Aspin's maths group will find their work on here.   Write the question out first in your exercise book  and make sure the answer is clear.  

My reading group and Mr Aspin's reading group will also find their work here.  

Literacy, grammar, punctuation and spelling will be the same for both classes, just look for your colour!  If you fancy trying the next level, go for it!  


Work will be here for 9am and the answers (if applicable) will be on the following day at 9am.

Any questions, ask on the guestbook! 

Take care everyone.

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Have a look at these websites and games...