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Thanks to the PTA for our  Year 6 Leavers' Hoodies!

Hi Year 6!  This is where you can ask a question about any of the work that has been set or simply to keep in touch to say hi.  

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Mrs B(about a day ago)

Hi Chloe, we are saying prom-style clothes! Whatever you feel comfortable in. We will send more information out on the app soon!

Chloe (about a day ago)

Love my new jumper and Is it a prom kind of dress and shoes

Chloe(about a day ago)

Hi Mrs burns and your welcome for my order and I can't wait to see you and everyone else lol

Mrs B(about a day ago)

Hi Chloe, thank you for your order! Looking forward to seeing you too! Mrs B

Chloe(a couple of days ago)

Hi Mrs I will come to disco please and l I'll order chicken nuggets and chips lol missing you can't wait

Mrs B(a couple of days ago)

Hi Sammy, we are suggesting prom-style clothes or something smart! PS, you still haven't send me your year book entry! I am finishing them tomorrow! Thanks Mrs B

Shannon(a couple of days ago)

hello miss i had fun on zoom with yiou,mrs suctcliffe and all of the class who were on too :D Missin you and mr doidge:and mrs suctcliffe too.

sammy(a couple of days ago)

what do we wear to the disco thing because my dad needs to know so he knows what to order me

sammy(less than a week ago)

yes they are amazing thank you very very much

Mrs B(less than a week ago)

Hello Sammy, we will deliver your hoodie to you either next week or the week after. (Hopefully next week!) Do you like them? Mrs B

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Leavers' Hoodies!  If you weren't on the Zoom session on Friday you will have missed the big reveal of the the hoodies!! See the picture below!  We will deliver them to you over the next 2 weeks after school.  We hope you like them! 


It was announced on Zoom on Friday that we have organised a...

Further details will be sent out w/c Monday 13th July about how the event will be organised. For now you need to let us know, either during your zoom session or by email, if you will be attending and your choice of 'Fake-Away'.

The options are

  • Pepperoni pizza and chips
  • Cheese and tomato pizza and chips
  • Chicken nugget and chips.

Drinks and buns will be available on the day too.

We hope you can join us!

Look at our new hoodies!!! 

Leavers's Song 2020 

Click below to listen to the songs we are going to be learning.  

The words are below:

There are courses set out in two parks across Rossendale: one at Whittaker Park (Haslingden Road, BB4 6RE) and the other at Marl Pits (Newchurch Road, Rawtenstall, BB4 7SN), participants can take part in either or both of the parks.

Everyone that enters will receive a certificate. The schools with the most entries (nursery, primary and secondary) will be crowned the overall winners.

To take part, download the ‘Maprunf’ App on your smart phone. You will see that there is a ‘short course’ and a ‘long course’ for both of the parks. The short course is for EYFS up to Year 7.

Your phone will make a sound each time you pass through a control and through the finish line. It will then automatically give you a time. To enter your time, please click on the link: Rossendale Virtual Orienteering Results Form

Information for children returning on Monday 22nd June

Please arrive at school at 8:55am, go up the main path and enter school through the Key Stage 1 entrance.  

You will go straight into the Year 6 class and sit down at a desk - it will have your tray on it.  Miss Sutcliffe will tell you where it is.

I will tell you all about the changes we have made once we are all in class - please don't worry about anything, we will have time to discuss it on Monday morning. 

Please make sure you have thoroughly washed your hands before you come to school.

Please wear full uniform.  

Wednesday will be our P.E. day so we are asking you to come to school in your P.E. kit and pumps or trainers on Wednesdays - I will tell you more about this on Monday.  

You do not need to bring any pens, pencils or books into school.  All you need is your lunch (if you are having a packed lunch).  You do not need your book bag or any other bag.  

If you have a phone, you will be given a named plastic bag to put it into and it will be stored in the office as usual.  

If you have your own gel, you can bring it and put it in your tray and it will stay in school.  You will not be able to take it home every day. 

You will leave school at 3:15pm through the Key Stage 1 door and walk through the car park. 


If you have any questions or queries, please send me an email

Thank you

Mrs Burns

Children learning from home:

You are still expected to complete the work set out on our class pages (it will be the same work as if you were in school). Because we are back in school, the work will be set for the whole week - so work your way through it knowing where you need to be by the end of the week. You are also expected to attend the zoom meetings. Details of the zoom meeting sessions can be found on this page for my class and Mrs Burns' for her class.

We know that this is a new challenge, we also know just how you brilliant you all have been and know that just as before...


Hamster GIFs | Tenor

We are coming back...

We have set up some Zoom sessions for the children to reconnect and to deliver some online sessions as a class.  Please see below for the Y6B Zoom sessions. 

6B Zoom Sessions

Our Zoom sessions are on:

Tuesdays at 1pm

Thursdays at 1pm 

Friday at 2.30pm  

starting from Tuesday 23rd June.

(Each Zoom session is approximately 30 mins.)

Please email me at  with your child's name in the subject box so I have your email address to send the link to.

I will set the Zoom sessions up for children that are in school. 

Please note that the zoom sessions can be done on a laptop, iPad or mobile phone. 

This is not an optional activity and we are expecting all children to take part, for them to see each other and for important transition activities and information.  

Please see the letter below that was sent out today for extra information.

Thank you for your continued support. 

Mrs Burns

Learning from home wc Monday 6th July

Below are the booklets that we will be using in class. We will be working through them and you should too. We know that the answers are also there for you to check your work. Remember you are not helping yourself if you look at the answers before completing each section of work. We trust you to be making the right choice.

If you are struggling, and you have tried your hardest, then drop us an email We will be checking comments but not as often as we have been doing.

If you would like a paper copy of the booklets to use at home then please send us an email and we will have them ready for collection from the school office.


 It may be best to download the document to your computer to view it as there are a lot of pages.

You do not need to print it - you can do answer the questions in your home book.

We would like you to complete pages 25 - 34 this week.

Reading comprehension

Just as you did with Numeracy, download the file to view it and answer the questions relevant to the texts in your home book.

You should complete:

Odin's Reward

Week commencing Monday 6th July

Please follow the instructions in the document below. 

Send your work to

Here are a few other activities that we will be completing in school for you to have a go at:



Home Online Learning | Classroom Secrets

 Classroom Secrets Kids  - click here

You all have a login and password.  The login is 359270 and then your first name and the initial of your last name (for example Billy Bobbins would be 359270billyb )

The password is ht1


 See above for the Classsroom Secrets Kids competition! 

Im So Excited For You GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY


Fancy something different...? Have a go at this and take a pic and send your answers to

Year 6 Leavers' Book - please read the information below.

If you haven't already sent in your Leavers Yearbook entry, please do it this week. 

I'm sure you will all want to be in the Year book of 2020 !

Thank you to those children who have already done it. 

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Lancashire School Games Stay at Home Programme Activity timetable

The document below includes some great ideas for games and exercise, Download the document and click on the daily activity link to take you to each activity. Have fun!

Here is the next issue of First News!  




Have a look at these websites and games...

Answers Section

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