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The aims and purpose of the art curriculum are; 

  • To develop the children’s ability to observe, learn and record from first-hand experiences and from imagination, inspiring and challenging them to experiment, invent and create their own works of art.
  • To provide children with the opportunities to use a variety of materials, tools and processes, including ICT, safely, experimentally and with increasing confidence, technical control and skills.
  • To develop the ability to discuss and evaluate their own work and that of others, in a constructive but critical manner, using the language of Art, Craft and Design.
  • To foster an enjoyment and appreciation of the work of artists, craftspeople, architects and designers, both past and present.
  • To increase awareness of how Art, Craft and Design both reflect and shape our history, and contribute to the culture, creativity and wealth of local and wider communities. 


It is our aim is that in Year 6, the children have the chance to use all of their knowledge to gain some independence and have the opportunity to make decisions on their own about the right methods and processes to follow. This is so that, by the end of Year 6the children feel confident in all skills and that they are ready and able to access the Secondary School curriculum as they progress on from our school. 

Unit 1

 Our Unit 1 focus is around drawing.

The EYFS children will be developing their drawing across the year. The children will be working on making marks and different shapes. They will have the opportunity to use different media and drawing tools and have the freedom to experiment with these. There will also be plenty of adult lead activities which will help the children to develop their drawing control too. 

In Year 1, the children will begin to look at different types of media and get used to how they draw and which they like and don't like.

In Year 2, the children will be able to begin to select their own media based on their knowledge and understanding of what is most appropriate to create different types of marks.

The Year 3 children will practice shading, hatching and blending with their drawing media. 

In Year 4, the children are going to select their own drawing materials and apply the shading, hatching and blending knowledge they learnt in Year 3. 

The Year 5 children will be focusing on scale and proportion with their drawing and to are going to begin to add some further detail to their work. 

Year 6 are going to use all of the knowledge and techniques that they have learnt across their school journey to create a drawing that has multiple focal points.

Unit 1 in Pictures!

Unit 2

Our Unit 2 Skills focus around collage, textiles and printing.

In EYFS, the children this half term will be experimenting with printing, rolling and rubbings and investigating the different ways they can do this and which techniques they like the most.

Year 1 will be developing their understanding of collages, what they are and how to create their own.

The children in Year 2 are going to be introduced to textiles. They will be learning about and trying out different textile techniques and using fabric strips to create their own dreamcatchers.

In Year 3, the children will learn what pointillism is. They will experiment with both poster and acrylic paint and use their knowledge from Year 2 to create different shades of colour to produce their own pointillism piece.

Year 4 are going to be introduced to relief and collagraph printing and working to overlay them to use as a background. They will also be using their knowledge from Unit 1 to create a colourful self portrait for their work.

The Year 5 children will be exploring abstract surrealism and using progressing their previous 3D knowledge from Year 1 and Year 4, by working to create their own wire sculpture.

Year 6 are going to be recapping their knowledge of collage, printing and paint and will use all of their knowledge from across school to create their own unique work based off their own experimentation and understanding of paints, printing techniques and application.


Unit 2 in Pictures...

Unit 3


In EYFS the children will be learning about collages through the work of Archimboldo Vertumnus. They will be learning about the art of overlapping and creating their own collages in lots of different ways.

The Year 1 children will be investigating 3D work through Brett Kern. They will be using clay and the clay tools to develop their own Kern inspired 3D dinosaur.

Year 2 will be learning about digital media. They will be exploring the work of Sean Charmatz and using their chromebooks to replicate their own versions of Charmatz’ work.

In Year 3 the children are exploring the work of Ruth Issett to learn about textile art.  They will be dying, cutting and stitching materials to create their own designs.

Year 4 will be learning about Barbara Hepworth and will be planning and designing their own Hepworth inspired sculpture. They will then be using their chromebooks to create a background and their own sculpture display.

In Year 5 the children will building on their Year 3 previous learning and will be developing their textile knowledge and understanding. They will be looking at the work of Wendy Evans and learning about Batik was resist. They will learn about the batik skills and create a foreground and then they will use dyes to create a background.

The Year 6 children will explore the work of Louis Bourgeois and her techniques, moulding and forming. They will be using their knowledge from throughout school to investigate materials which they could use to create their own sculpture.


Please check back soon once we have begun the unit to see some pictures of what we have been up to!


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Lancashire planning areas and expectations

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