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Current Online Safety Advice

Important advice regarding Huggy Wuggy.

There have been reports of children talking about this character and even having this character as a soft toy. If you are not aware, this character originated from a horror game last year. It has since been used in TikTok and YouTube videos where it has gained some popularity. The character itself is quite scary looking. Children are aware of the character's catchphrases and there have been reports in the media regarding children imitating it. Please look through the following documents regarding 'Horror-Themed Games', 'TikTok' and YouTube.

Our advice:

  • Know what your child is looking at online. The 'plush' look of this character means it has escaped some of the restrictions on social media platforms.
  • Know what platforms are age appropriate for your child. The restrictions are in place because of the nature of the content displayed.
  • If your child talks about this character (or any new character you have not heard of), talk about what they know about that character - where they have seen it, what it says etc.
  • If you are unsure what to say, or need further advice, ask a member of staff or access the parents' portal on the National Online Safety Hub we use (see the joining information below). 

Thank you,

Mr Doidge

Bacup Holy Trinity have recently been awarded a certified status in online safety from 

As a school we are committed in ensuring the children are kept safe and educated about the responsibilities and challenges when accessing online services.

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Parents and Carers

As part of our commitment, we have enrolled the school in the National Online Safety Program. This allows us to deliver personalised guidance on any online safety matter. Please read the letter below and register with us on the online safety hub.

The link for joining the school's hub is:


To download the app, please either scan the QR code on the leaflet below or click on the following links:


 National Online Safety - Parents & Carers Communication Holy Trinity.pdfDownload
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What we are doing to stay safe online...

Summer 1

Year 1

We have shown some interest in TikTok outside of school so we are discussing what is suitable for our age and looking at sharing kindness online.


Year 1/2

Like year 1, we are sharing kindness online and looking at top tips for staying safe.


Year 2

Following on from year 1/2, we are looking at more online safety tips


Year 3

Our Computing topic is all about using search engines. Our online safety will look into how to search safely.


Year 4

We are looking at how we can be kind online.


Year 5

Our computing unit is all about websites. We are looking at some of the social media platforms we access and how to stay safe using them.


Year 6

We are creating a digital yearbook. We are investigating copyright and how to use images we find online.