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Computing Competition.

ChildNet are running a fantastic competition that asks you to make a 2 minute video about the internet. You can use the skills you learned when you created your Internet Safety videos!

Please ask an adult to upload your videos and if you can send them to myself and Mrs Burns!

If you want to send some finished work in for us to look at, please ask an adult to take a picture and email it to: 

We would love to see your work!

6D Classroom.

The work that is set does not need to be downloaded and printed. Directions will be given of how to complete the work in your green book where needed. Topic work and other subjects have been adjusted so that you can do this - save the trees!


Each day you will find Mr Doidge's group work for Numeracy and Reading. You can find the Literacy work for both classes on this page or Mrs Burns' page.


Complete your work in the book inside your home learning pack as you would do in school. Date and underline each day (that includes you Shane).

The work we will be covering is revision and recapping of things we have done in class. YOU CAN DO THIS (Ellie)!

If you are stuck and you have tried your hardest then leave me a comment and I will answer as soon as  I can.

The work should take around 1- 1hr 30 mins so break your day up. There is a suggested timetable over on Mrs Burns' page.

REMEMBER, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! Anything you need - just ask.

5 a day answers from Tuesday 

  • 15 – 8.98 = 6.02
  • 7 x 7 x 5 = 2401
  • 5634 6 = 939
  • 5 x 7.34 = 36.7
  • 36 - (5 x 2) = 26

5-a-day Monday - Thursday


  Monday - Thursday.  

Each day there is an arithmetic fluency quiz for you to do!  I know how much you enjoy them! Write the question out in your book, work it out, then make the answer really clear. 

Monday - Paper 1

Tuesday - Paper 2

Wednesday - Paper 3

Thursday - Paper 4

Answers from Tuesday:

Tuesday Reading answers

Reading Week




We will be looking at Brazil.



Wednesday and Thursday

Using the different perspectives on deforestation that you have completed on Monday, create a poster to highlight the impact deforestation in the Amazon has. Please email your posters to us and I can create a gallery.

Reds/Yellows. To consider the impact deforestation has locally (South America).

Green. To consider the impact deforestation has locally and globally.


Click on this link to listen to David Walliams reading Spoiled Brad from The Worst Children 2


Tell me what you think about it...


Here is the link that is updated daily:



TT Rock Stars Battle of the Bands tomorrow 24th March from 9am - 3pm!! Pass it on !!

6B V 6D

Let the battle commence...


From Monday 30th March I will be posting daily worksheets. These will be for my numeracy and reading group. Myself and Mrs Burns will also be posting Literacy/GPS work for our classes on both pages. These will be available from 9 a.m. with answer sheets (if needed) for the work done on the previous day.

I will also be posting links to websites and activities I think may be of interest to you so keep on checking in!


If you want to say hi or need help with your work then use the guestbook below. I will reply as soon as I can.


Hello 6D please feel free to say Hi or leave a comment

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Mr D(less than a day ago)

Hi Joseph - that sometimes happens to me. Try refreshing the page or closing down the web browser. Also if you leave it a few seconds it usually corrects itself. If you have anymore problems then let me know. Ethan, I am glad you are enjoying his audio books - they are really good and a great way to enjoy a break with a snack!

Ethan Pearson(about a day ago)

I wasn't able to get onto spoilt brad but i listened to a different one called humbert the hungry baby. It was very funny and i enjoyed it lots. It was a really good suggestion.

Joseph Hanson(about a day ago)

Mr Doidge, (i think i spelt it right), the monday reading answers are glitched for me, there is some other text over the answers, which really confused me.

Mr D(about a day ago)

Hi Joseph - maybe the dog wanted to help you! The homework books and the learning packs can be put away for now. We may ask you to do some pages as part of your home learning or if you want to carry on with the home booklets then please do. Have you had a look at the competition I posted at the top of the page? I think it will be something that you will enjoy doing.

Joseph Hanson(a couple of days ago)

Do we need to do pages in our sats booklet? if we do what/how many do we need to complete?

Joseph Hanson(a couple of days ago)

Hello, my dog decided to try to jump on me while I was doing this, :)

Mr D(a couple of days ago)

Hi guys, I am really sorry Maddie - i deleted the answer! it should be = 750! Hi Lucas - if you have researched another place (in Brazil) that is fine. Well done Travis - keep going! Isabelle - as long as you have a book to do some work in then that is fine. Corey - the work gets uploaded in the morning, usually before 9 am, but if myself or Mrs Burns are in school then it could be put on the night before - it is best to check in at a regular time in the morning (I would pick around the time you would normally start school). Hope everyone is keeping well.

Isabelle Whittaker(a couple of days ago)

I've been looking through the comments, but i never got given a green book, so far i've done it in my purple book because Lilly told me to.

travis(less than a week ago)

hi um just checking in

travis(less than a week ago)

im getting closer to finishing my work books also ive finished my book

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