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Due to ongoing staff illness, work will be posted on this page for both 6B and 6D. Mrs Bolton's morning groups will still attend her sessions as normal and then complete the reading and topic work on the class pages. Work can either be completed on a Google doc form or on a piece of paper and then brought back in to school when the bubble reopens. We will notify you when zoom sessions will begin again.

Maths Wednesday to Friday

This document does not need to be printed off.  You can write the answers on paper and bring it into school when we return, or write the answers on a google doc. 

Try to answer all the questions.

If you cannot read some of the questions, try clicking on the document directly below .


 Maths 16th, 17th and 18th Sept.docxDownload
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Literacy Wednesday to Friday 

This document does not need to be printed off. Work through the activities on the document.  Again, you can either write the answers on a piece of paper to bring in, or write on a google doc. 

If you have finished, you can go on Bug club, Sumdog or TT Rockstars. 


Reading Wednesday to Friday

Read through 'Robin Hood and the Potter'

Complete a couple of pages of questions each day. The questions should be completed by Friday

Topic Friday - WW2 Rossendale during WW2


Today you are going to investigate how WW2 had an effect on the area we live in.

I have put some useful links below that include first hand stories of people during that time.

I would like you to research about anything to do with WW2 in Rossendale, Bacup and Lancashire. You will be quite interested in reading about our area being a place for evacuees to come to.

Make notes about events, people, or places affected and we will discuss them on Monday.

Remote learning from Monday 14th September until Thursday 24th September

Following on from the notice sent out on the school app, please see below for how teaching sessions will go ahead during the day. It is required that all children attend every session.

If you have any issues with connecting or anything else then please email

As previously mentioned, there may be a few glitches as we all adapt to the new learning system. After the first day the children will soon become familiar with the new system. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any issues. If there are any issues with staff absences or changes to the timetabled sessions, a notice will go out on the app. Please make sure you have it downloaded and are following year 6.



For each session, log in at

The username will be in this format:

14(firstname)(initial of surname)

for example if your child is named John Smith, the username will be

The password will be: holytrinity6 (In some cases holytrinity6a)

The children have logged on before and are familiar with navigating the classrooms - they have a sticker in the front of their reading records.


 Please have a pen/pencil and piece of paper for each session for any working out to be done.


Morning sessions

9.30am - 10.30am Numeracy

Mrs Burns' and Mr Doidge's groups will click on Year 6 Mrs Burns and follow the instructions from there.

Mrs Bolton's group will click on Mrs Bolton Year 6 and follow the instructions from there.

Please check the class wall on Google classroom for the instructions of how to join the video session.

11.00-12.00 Literacy

Mrs Burns' and Mr Doidge's groups will click on Year 6 Mrs Burns and follow the instructions from there.

Mrs Bolton's group will click on Mrs Bolton Year 6 and follow the instructions from there.

Please check the class wall on Google classroom for the instructions of how to join the video session.


Afternoon Sessions

1pm -1.45pm Reading

All of Year 6 will click on Mr Doidge Year 6 and follow the instructions on the class wall.

2.15pm - 3pm Topic

All of Year 6 will click on Mr Doidge Year 6 and follow the instructions on the class wall.

School Admissions Information  Lancashire County Council Home

Please click the link below for more information about applying for a Secondary School place in September 2021.  

The deadline is 31st October 2020.

Applying for a Secondary School place - click here

Information about Year 6

Please keep updated with the latest news about the school via the school app. Guidelines can change regarding education at the moment and any important notices are sent via the school jotter.


Daily routine

Children are to arrive at school for 8.45 am at the entrance to Key Stage 1 and line up along the wall.

Any adults that arrive with them are reminded to socially distance.

There is a new timetable set for each year group bubble. This will be given to the children. It keeps each year group separated during break and lunch times.

If your child needs to bring in a mobile phone, a plastic zip bag will be provided for it to be stored in during the school day and given back at the end of each day.

School bags are allowed in with your child. However, there will not be a need to send in any pencil case/toys etc. The only things they should have are homework books, reading records, drinks bottles and lunch boxes where necessary.

Our P.E. session is on Friday and children are asked to come in their PE kits. They can arrive in school shoes and change into their pumps during the day. It is advisable to send them in with their school jumpers over their PE t-shirts and track suit bottoms as we are coming into the colder months.

School finishes at 3.20 pm and the children will leave via the entrance to the car park.


Alongside a timetable of catch up lessons that include numeracy, GPS, reading and writing we will be looking at the following:


We will be looking at persuasive texts and designing an advert for a hotel.


Place value


We will be using key skills to answer questions about a text. We will be focusing on skimming and scanning and vocabulary.


We will be looking at composition and playing an instrument using improvisation.


The children will be using our new online education platform - Google Classroom and be shown some of the features they will be using in the curriculum in the coming year.


Our PE sessions will begin on w/c 7th September. 



Children are asked to read for 20 minutes every day.

Children will be given a piece of numeracy that links with their learning that week alongside spellings every Friday.

This will be due in the following Friday. It is important to encourage your child to complete their homework over the weekend as any difficulties can be addressed during the week.


Hello 6D please feel free to say Hi or leave a comment

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Mrs B(a couple of months ago)

Hi Sammy If you want to write your entry in the guest book I can copy it over from there, then I will delete it. Thanks

Mr Doidge for Jodee's mum(a couple of months ago)

Hi Helen. The time for Tuesday and Thursday is 1.45-2.15pm

Helen (Jodee’s mum )(a couple of months ago)

Hi Mr Doidge I can’t seem to find the times for Tuesdays and Thursdays zoom classes could you tell them to me please . Thanks

Joseph Hanson(a couple of months ago)

Excited to see you guys

Mr D(a couple of months ago)

Hi Lily, hi Travis. Lily, remember all the work on kindness we did? We can help to make the world a kinder place and I am sure you guys will do that! Travis, I am sure you are coming in anyway. We would love to have something that involves all of Year 6 but we have to make sure that you are all safe. We will have to wait and see.

travis(a couple of months ago)

mr d is there going to be something where everyone can come in to school

Lilly(a couple of months ago)

I have been watching the news about the protest I don’t like how people are fighting with the police and how the police are treating other people.

Lucas Hamer(a couple of months ago)

Hi Mr D, we have had no internet at home for the last couple of weeks and i have missed the year book. Is it still to late or can i send something? Thank you Lucas

Mr D for Isabelle(a couple of months ago)

Hi Isabelle, I will email over your username and password.

Isabelle Whittaker(a couple of months ago)

Hello, on Classroom Secret Kids, it won't let me log in and i have tried multiple times but nothing worked. I have written the password correctly, i don't know about the initial of my last name.

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