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Welcome to 5M!Smiling face

Hello to everyone at home!

Welcome to our new online classroom!

This is a new way of learning for all of us but I know you'll all do really well. Some things will stay the same:

  • rule off and write the date for each new piece of work in your exercise book
  • neat handwriting
  • have a go at everything and do your best

Every day on this page you will find:

  • 5 a day
  • Literacy
  • Maths
  • Topic
  • PE (on Mondays and Thursdays) 

You should also spend some time each day reading, either a physical book or on Bug Club (, and do some TT Rock Stars (

I'll also put other activities up here as well. 

I'll be putting answers to the questions from the previous day on here too (scroll down). 

Remember that you can use the Guestbook below to let me know how you're getting on, if you have any questions or just want to say hi! Click on the Comments button to see what everyone is saying.

Why don't you ask a parent or carer to take a photo of your work and email it to myself and Mrs Barnes to see? Ask them to send it to:

Wednesday 8th April

5 a day

Here are the 5 a day questions for this week. The answers to yesterday's 5 a day are  further down the page.


Here's a different spelling activity: 

Go to . Choose Year 5 and 6. On Spelling Rule 37 click on 'play'. Then click on the game with the 'free' sign on it. It's currently Spelling Road Hopper but it changes from time to time. Good luck!


Remember the author of our class novel, Michael Morpurgo? Today you're going to listen to him being interviewed, and write some sentences about him with some great grammatical features in them.


We did some work on place value when we were together. Here are some questions to practice working out the value of digits in decimal numbers.

Mr Morris’ Maths Group – Q1-3
Mrs Barnes’ Maths Group – Q4-9


It's Science today and we're learning all about life cycles.

Dear Parents and Carers 

I realise that this way of working is new to you too! Please don't feel under any pressure to become a full time tutor to your children! There may be things that your child finds difficult. That's OK, I just want them to have a go and keep their brains active. The main priority is your child's wellbeing.

The work set should take between 1 hour 30 mins and 2 hours each day and should be completed at your child's own pace. The answers for the previous day will be put on this page so that your child can mark their own work. 

There are some useful websites for home learning further down this page and also here.

If you have any questions about the work set, myself and  Mrs Barnes can be contacted by email: You can also use the Guestbook below to keep in touch. Please encourage your child to use the Guestbook too. The email address is only for parents to use please.

Thank you

Mr Morris


Let's keep in touch! If you have any questions or want to say hi, just use this Guestbook. Please use your first name only.

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Mr Morris(a couple of days ago)

Hello Maddie. You're right, learning at home is different from being at school, but I'm really proud of you for trying hard with everything. Keep it up!

maddie(less than a week ago)

Hi Mr Morris yes he is a good artist.I did phse today and found it a bit hard but I still tried.Learning at home is so different to being at school

Mr Morris(less than a week ago)

Hi Maddie. Great to hear that you've been doing the work and I'm glad you enjoyed the drawing. He's a good artist isn't he?

Maddie(less than a week ago)

Hi Mr Morris!I have just finished online work.I loved drawing the animals,I picked Greg.I haven't marked yesterdays work yet!I was so confused when you put Friday the 1st of April.Then I realised why.Hope everyone is having a great time off school!Stay safe everyone

Mr Morris - for Jessica(less than a week ago)

Hi Jessica. It's great to hear from you. Well done for doing all the online work!

Jessica(about a week ago)

I’ve done all my work but I haven’t had enough time to play ttrock stars

Mr Morris(about a week ago)

I think the rainbows are great, Lilly. They make me smile. There are some up at school too.

Lilly-may(about a week ago)

Hi if you go on the river path you can see a big rainbow

Mr Morris - for Maddie(about a week ago)

Hi Maddie. Well done for having a go with the dragon's head - even though you found it tough. How thoughtful to help your sister with her school work. Maybe you'll become a teacher when you're older!

Mr Morris - for Rubi(about a week ago)

Hi Rubi. I'm really pleased to hear that you're doing the online work, TT Rock Stars and you're reading too! Have you been on any of the websites on our class page?

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Answers from yesterday's work

Please use the answers below to mark your own work and let me know how you did!

5 a day


1) 594 + 430 = 1024
2) 9854 ÷ 4 = 2463r2
3) 5/8 of 56=35
4) 67.3 - 45.93 = 21.37
5) 78 x 23=1794


Did you manage to improve the sentences with some lovely expanded noun phrases, and write some of your own? Use the Guestbook above to show me some of them.


 Tuesday Maths ANSWERS.pdfDownload
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Hola! Are you all expert town planners now? I'd love to see your Spanish town maps. Ask an adult to email me a photo.

Look at the great work you've been doing that's been sent in by your parents! Keep it coming!

Useful websites and help for learning from home:

Online times tables competition (Your child has a login and password)


Reading resources including ebooks (Bug Club) (Your child has a login and password. The School code is: bacu)


IDL (children who use IDL have a login and password)


David Walliams reading one of his stories. New one everyday at 11am


Support across all areas of the curriculum


 Maths resources and games


Hit the button - a range of games to practise mathematical skills


BBC Bitesize has revision and learning activities for all areas of the curriculum

Kids Classroom Secrets - Free home learning website for children to use independently

BBC School Radio Learning Resources:

Classroom Secrets Free Home learning Packs for each age group

Oxford Owl - choose the Oxford Owl from home link to access free e-books for 3 - 11 year olds

Pobble 365 - changes daily to provide a picture that promotes discussion and story writing inspiration

The Literacy Shed - provides videos which can be a stimulus for writing

 IOP (Institute of Physics) - a range of science experiments which can be carried out at home

Reach out Reporter - a range of interesting scientific news articles for children to read

CBeebies - a range of educational videos and games for young children

National Geographic Kids - an interesting website for children to explore

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation Helpsheet: