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I would love to see and hear about all the hard work you have been doing, so please ask somebody at home if you both can send an email to

Good Morning 4D!


Welcome to your new online classroom! Don't forget you have a pencil and book in your pack we sent home. (If you don't have your pack then please pick it up ASAP from the front office)

To feel like a normal school day, remember to write the full date and to use your best cursive handwriting! 

Please comment on the guestbook anytime you need help or just to say hello!


A NOTE TO PARENTS - As you will have noticed in the news and on social media there has been a lot of 'talk' about home schooling. Please don't feel pressured to become full time teachers! The main priority is your child's wellbeing. We have tried to limit the work to up to 1 hour 30 minutes each day. This is to be completed at their own pace. If you have any questions about the work set or want to send in your child's work, please contact myself or Mrs Farina via


Girls are the winners of our TT Rockstars Battle this week! Well done to all who competed, it was a close competition!

Wednesday 8th April

Let's start the day as usual with a 4-a-day and spellings!

1.__________ = 8275 + 82


2. 120 ÷ 12 =


3. 5776 – 855 =

4. 167 x 4 =



Can you work through the different grammar tasks about what we have learnt so far this year? If you need any help, use the glossary below or send me a message on our guestbook.

Showing 1-1 of 1


Using your place value knowledge, find the numbers with the correct number in the column. If you are struggling, draw your own place value grid using ones, tens, hundreds and thousands.

Up for a challenge?

Today’s topic work is...History!

 Visit the website below:

Can you create a fact file about Roman cities? What are their modern British names? What are they famous for? Challenge - Are there any Roman landmarks remaining?

Tuesday 7th April - Answers

1. 10 520 = 10 000 + 500 + 20

2. 31 x 4 = 124

3. 2.8 - 1.2 = 1.6

4. 144 ÷ 12 = 12

Reading Comprehension


Challenge: False -8 is  not closer to 0 than 7

Monday 6th April - Answers

1. 826 = 800 + 20 + 6

2. 213 x 0 = 0

3. 602 - 8 = 594

4. 99 ÷ 11 = 9


Challenge - The answer is correct because the frog is currently sitting on number 4 on the number line and after 5 jumps he will land on -6.

Yesterday’s topic work was...Science!

Grouping living things

A herbivore is an animal that feeds on plants. Examples: sheep, cow, hippos, goat.

A carnivore is an animal that feeds on other animals. Examples: lion, sharks, polar bear.

An omnivore an animal or person that eats a variety of food of both plant and animal origin. Examples: humans, bears, raccoons, chickens.

Superstar work from 4D ...

Keep sending in your brilliant pieces of work and I can display them here! Well done to all of you for working so hard!


Keep up the hard work on TT Rockstars!

Don't forget to read some books on Bug Club too :)

Instead of Wake and Shake - Give Joe Wicks a try instead!

Please follow the link to complete the form as your child will need to register for their work.

Computing - Coding on Scratch:


Listen to a different David Walliams story everyday!


Use the guestbook below to ask any questions or just to say hello!

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Miss D(about a day ago)

Hi Danielle, I am missing you all too! But I am glad you have your brothers and sisters to keep you company during this time :)

Danielle(a couple of days ago)

I am missing you

Sophie b(less than a week ago)

I have got on thankyou

Miss D(less than a week ago)

Hi Danielle, it's great to hear you are keeping so busy doing work, don't worry if your mum or dad can't email it. As long as you keep up the hard work!

Danielle(less than a week ago)

I do 2hours &30minits a day of work I do lots of extra home work but l am not allowed to send it to you on my own

Miss D(less than a week ago)

Hi Danielle, i'm glad you and dad both like the music! Can you find another song of similar style? Don't forget you can ask mum or dad to email photos of any of your work to , me and Mrs Farina would love to see it!

Miss D(less than a week ago)

Hi Lilly, great to hear you have been keeping busy! You can send pictures of your work to .. I have been posting some work at the bottom of the page to show what your friends have been doing too!

Lilly Buckley(less than a week ago)

I haven't managed to get onto IDL but have been completing. Lots of different work books and reading. How do I send pics of the work I have done?

Danielle(less than a week ago)

Hi Miss Doidge I adore the music and my dad know 's it that is why I all ready know it

Sophie b(less than a week ago)

Sophie has not got her password to get onto tt rockstars, can you do it from your end please? Thanks

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