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Remote learning from Monday 14th September until Thursday 24th September

Following on from the notice sent out on the school app, please see below for how teaching sessions will go ahead during the day. It is required that all children attend every session.

If you have any issues with connecting or anything else then please email

As previously mentioned, there may be a few glitches as we all adapt to the new learning system.  After the first day the children will soon become familiar with the new system. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any issues. If there are any issues with staff absences or changes to the timetabled sessions, a notice will go out on the app. Please make sure you have it downloaded and are following year 4.


Logging onto Google Classroom 

For each session, log in at

The username will be in this format:

16(firstname)(initial of surname)

for example if your child is named John Smith, the username will be


The children have logged on before and are familiar with navigating the classrooms - they have a sticker in the front of their reading records.

 Please have a pen/pencil and piece of paper for each session for any working out to be done.


Morning sessions

9.30am - 10.30am Numeracy

11.00-12.00 Literacy


Afternoon Sessions

1pm -1.45pm Reading

2.15pm - 3pm Topic

To clear up any confusion, your child will be expected on both Zoom and Google Classroom. The Zoom will allow the teacher to teach, explain the tasks and be of assistance if needed. Google Classroom will have all of their work allocated for them to complete.

Your child will be expected to arrive on Zoom promptly for the start of every lesson. We have kept the format simple, so each lesson will use the same link and password.

Please email the y4 email address given, if you would like help to access the zoom sessions. 

As I stated in the Zooms yesterday, I am unable to provide Zoom's due to a family funeral taking place. All of your work for today can be found below or on Google Classroom.



Today you are going to continue on rounding. First, spend 5 minutes playing on the Rocket Rounding Game.
Then complete the numberline to work out what each number rounded to the nearest 100 is.

Then, you are going to move onto counting in 1000's. Watch the video below:

and answer the questions on the Green worksheet.

Don't forget to email if you are struggling with anything!


 Round each number to the nearest 100 18.09.2020.docxDownload
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Today you are going to be writing the final paragraphs of your story. Once again, I have highlighted the sections of the model text that you will need to change for your story.


*I would like for you to write out the story, not just change the highlighted sections*


Remember - you are keeping the sentence structure the same, don't go off on a tangent!

When you have finished, go back and check:
* your non-negotiables (capital letters and full stops)
* expanded noun phrases (two adjectives and a noun)
* your sentences make sense (read your sentences back to yourself out loud)

Don't forget to email if you are struggling with anything!



Guided Reading 

Can you complete the reading comprehension? Don't forget you are the detectives and your job is to find the clues! The clues are in the text, you just have to find them.

School Swimming

 Risk Assessment School Swimming Lessons.docxDownload
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 Moving People Covid -19 Risk Assessment.pdfDownload
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Use the guestbook below to ask any questions or just to say hello!

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Miss D(a couple of months ago)

Hi Taylor-James, this week I have been preparing the prize for the winner which will be delivered tomorrow after school.

taylor-james(a couple of months ago)

hi miss doidge who has won the TTrockstars battle from 4d and 4f thank you

lewis(a couple of months ago)

Hi guys im happy that we all made it to FRIDAY

Lilly(a couple of months ago)

Sorry I was not on the zoom call this morning I had to drop my brother of at school and then we forgot about the zoom but I will be on it tomorrow

Miss D(a couple of months ago)

Whoops! My mistake, sorry Lilly! If I do ever put the wrong video on, you can also check Mrs Farina's page as she will have the same work as ours.

Lilly(a couple of months ago)

I don't know if you realised but you have accidently put the Niagara Falls video on the website instead of the maths video

lewis(a couple of months ago)

hello is everyone alright today?

Miss Doidge(a couple of months ago)

Good morning Danielle, just try your best and have a go. Don't worry too much about completing all of the work. Today's work is something to do as a family :)

Danielle collins(a couple of months ago)

I am struggling with the maths please can you help me out

Miss D(a couple of months ago)

Danielle are you getting confused with the work? If so, please email me on

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