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Year 4D Your zoom lessons are:

Tuesday 9.15-9.45

Thursday 9.15-9.45

Friday 10.45 - 11.15


These lessons will run at this time until the end of term.

See your email for your lesson invitation and how to join.

We can't wait to see you!

If you have not received an invitation email please get in touch through the class email.





Use the guestbook below to ask any questions or just to say hello!

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lewis(less than a day ago)

Hi guys im happy that we all made it to FRIDAY

Lilly(about a day ago)

Sorry I was not on the zoom call this morning I had to drop my brother of at school and then we forgot about the zoom but I will be on it tomorrow

Miss D(a couple of days ago)

Whoops! My mistake, sorry Lilly! If I do ever put the wrong video on, you can also check Mrs Farina's page as she will have the same work as ours.

Lilly(a couple of days ago)

I don't know if you realised but you have accidently put the Niagara Falls video on the website instead of the maths video

lewis(a couple of days ago)

hello is everyone alright today?

Miss Doidge(about a week ago)

Good morning Danielle, just try your best and have a go. Don't worry too much about completing all of the work. Today's work is something to do as a family :)

Danielle collins(about a week ago)

I am struggling with the maths please can you help me out

Miss D(about a week ago)

Danielle are you getting confused with the work? If so, please email me on

Miss D(about a week ago)

Hi Lilly, really glad you are enjoying the zoom lessons. See you again tomorrow!

Lilly(about a week ago)

I really like the zoom calls they put me in a better mood to start the day

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 On the 30th June we have an action-packed day full of challenges and activities for children and families to take part in, whether they are in school or at home!

We would love for you and your family to take part in, what we hope, will be the biggest Virtual Sports Day in the country! Check out the resources on this page and practice the activities leading up to the 30th.

The Celebration Dance is usually a huge opening part of the Lancashire Sports Day. This year, they have created a dance for you to learn in your own home to perform on the day! Click here to find out more information!


Rossendale Virtual Orienteering 

Following the success of the virtual mile, together with Pendle Forest Orienteers and Rossendale Leisure Trust, there is currently a ‘Rossendale Virtual Orienteering Competition’ running from 22nd June- 6th July and would love it if you could share and promote on your class pages. 

There are courses set out in two parks across Rossendale: one at Whittaker Park (Haslingden Road, BB4 6RE) and the other at Marl Pits (Newchurch Road, Rawtenstall, BB4 7SN), participants can take part in either or both of the parks.

Everyone that enters will receive a certificate. The schools with the most entries (nursery, primary and secondary) will be crowned the overall winners.

To take part, download the ‘Maprunf’ App on your smart phone. You will see that there is a ‘short course’ and a ‘long course’ for both of the parks. The short course is for EYFS up to Year 7.

Your phone will make a sound each time you pass through a control and through the finish line. It will then automatically give you a time. To enter your time, please click on the link: Rossendale Virtual Orienteering Results Form

Good Morning 4D!

I hope that you all had a good break and that you are ready to get back to doing some school work. Please find this week's work below. You do not have to print off the sheets, just write your answers in the book that was in your pack. If you need a new one, just pop in to school and ask for a new one at the office. If you need any help or would like to ask me anything, use the guestbook at the top of the page. Please comment on the guestbook anytime you need help or just to say hello!

A NOTE TO PARENTS - As you will have noticed in the news and on social media there has been a lot of 'talk' about home schooling. Please don't feel pressured to become full time teachers! The main priority is your child's wellbeing. We have tried to limit the work to up to 1 hour 30 minutes each day. This is to be completed at their own pace. If you have any questions about the work set or want to send in your child's work, please contact myself or Mrs Farina via

TT Rockstars – Dartford Bridge Community Primary School4F v 4D Battle of the bands !

Fantastic effort 4D, we are the winners!

Keep an eye out for the winners to be posted on here

Friday 10th July - We made it to Friday!

Let's start the day as usual with 4-a-day and spellings.

1. 3/6 – 1/6 =

2. 589 ÷ 100 =

3. 139 x 7 =

4. 2156 + 2238 =

Literacy: Design your own cracking contraption


Write an explanation of how your contraption works.

Today you are going to write an explanation of how your contraption works.

Think about any explanation texts that you have written previously. How to write an explanation text. https://www.teachingide

Use the above page to scroll down and download The Explanation Writing Pack if you need more help on how to write an explanation text.

Things to include:

- a title

- a short introduction

- logical steps explaining how your contraption works

- time adverbials to start your sentences

- causal conjunctions to explain why, e.g. because, so that, in order to

- the present tense

- some diagrams/illustrations.

Read back through your work to check for spellings and punctuation. Have you managed to include any Year 4 writing skills?

Grammar Glossary

Showing 1-1 of 1



Today you and your family can work through the Challenge sheet. Try to do as many as possible!

*Try and go on TT rockstars for at least 5 minutes when you finish your work*


Today's topic work is...Computing!Computer Class Kids , Free Transparent Clipart - ClipartKey

In this lesson, you will learn what goes into making a good computer game and try making your own simple game

Click here to watch the three video clips about Year 6 class using the Scratch visual programming to create their own computer game, to  learn about some important aspects of games design and creating a computer character.

Then, you will need to complete the sheet below creating your own Video Game Character. 


Read a book on bug club (don't forget to complete the activities) or read a book at home for 10 minutes! 


Click here to find this week's Year 3 -6 Spar Lancashire School Games Activity Timetable. Remember that the recommended amount of physical activity for children aged 5-18 is 60 minutes!

Thursday 9th July - Answers

  1. 3942 +  3358 = 7300
  2. 128 x 10 = 1280
  3.  18 ÷ 10 = 1.8
  4.  6.2 + 3.8 = 10




Below is a 'Lockdown Diary' which you can complete in your spare time (if you have any!)


Hall of Fame!

Keep sending in your brilliant pieces of work and I can display them here! Well done to all of you for working so hard!











Keep up the hard work on TT Rockstars!

Don't forget to read some books on Bug Club too :)

Instead of Wake and Shake - Give Joe Wicks a try instead!

Please follow the link to complete the form as your child will need to register for their work.

Computing - Coding on Scratch:


Listen to a different David Walliams story everyday!