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Class 3 Baron Your Zoom lessons have started! Each week your lessons will be on

Monday: 1.45-2.15

Wed:1.45 -2.15

Fri: 9.15-9.45

These will run at the same time each week until the end of term.

Check your email invitation for the link and details.

If you have not received an invitation email please get in touch through the class email - 



It's the final day to enter the ‘Rossendale Virtual Orienteering Competition’.

There are courses set out in two parks across Rossendale: one at Whittaker Park (Haslingden Road, BB4 6RE) and the other at Marl Pits (Newchurch Road, Rawtenstall, BB4 7SN), participants can take part in either or both of the parks.

Everyone that enters will receive a certificate. The schools with the most entries (nursery, primary and secondary) will be crowned the overall winners.


To take part, download the ‘Maprunf’ App on your smart phone. You will see that there is a ‘short course’ and a ‘long course’ for both of the parks. The short course is for EYFS up to Year 7.

Your phone will make a sound each time you pass through a control and through the finish line. It will then automatically give you a time. To enter your time, please click on the link: Rossendale Virtual Orienteering Results Form

 Choose some ideas from the Stay at Home Programme or if you want to do PE WITH JOE or COSMIC YOGA, then enjoy those too.

 Year 3- 6 Stay at Home Programme Brochure Week 10.pdfDownload
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Good morning 3Ba,


Remember  that it's Zoom today, Wednesday and Friday.  Make sure you log on!  I'm in school again this week so I'll try my best to log in and say hello.


Please get in touch if you find any of it tricky using the guestbook or send me an email to

Thank you to Jaxon for showing me that you know all of the world's oceans and Caleb has written a wonderful letter about a visit from Peter Pan.  


Have a great week.

Mrs Baron 


PE - Today is the final day if you would like to enter the Orienteering competition.  Details for other PE activities are at the top of this page.




I've got another list of 'ture' words for you this week.  You've already learnt how to spell half of the word last week so these should be even easier.  Give them a try and let me know how you get on.  If you want to test yourself on Friday then go ahead. 



Try writing each one for 30 seconds to see how many you can write using joined handwriting.  Choose 2-3 words each day to practise.




This week there is a mixture of skills to practise.  Here are the activities for each day:

Monday - revising subordinating conjunctions

Tuesday - Newspaper reports.  Send any completed ones for the website!

Wednesday - writing headlines using alliteration

Thursday - revising word types (adverbs, adjectives, etc.)

Friday - free reading.  Choose from Bug Club, your own books or a comic.  Read for at least 20 minutes.

Enjoy the videos and try the activities for each one.

Click here for the link.




Click here for the videos - worksheets are in a list at the bottom of this section.

Monday - let's practise using kilograms and grams (kg and g).

Tuesday - today we are comparing mass using kg and g.

Wednesday - more mass today!  Adding and subtracting measurements this time.  

Thursday - measuring again but this time with capacity (say  ca-pass-itti).  It's a measure of how much liquid is in a container.  Liquid is measured in litres (say lee-terz) and millilitres (milly-lee-terz).

Friday -  try the maths challenge! Click the link at the top of this section.


 Lesson 1 - Measure mass (2).pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 - Compare mass.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 - Add and subtract mass.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4 - Measure capacity (2).pdfDownload
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Here are the answers to the maths - no peeking until you've finished!

 Lesson 1 Answers - Measure mass (2).pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 Answers - Compare mass.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 Answers - Add and subtract mass.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4 Answers - Measure capacity (2).pdfDownload
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COMPUTING  - see Mrs Bolton's page for today's activity.

SCIENCE - this year we read information about Mary Anning and discovered how fossils are made.  This video will help you to revisit what you learnt about fossils.



SPANISH - I've got a listening activity for you today.  Listen for the phrase 'me gusta' which means I like and listen for the names of colours that you know.  Click the link.



ART - see Mrs Bolton's page for today's activity.

GEOGRAPHY - watch this clip to recap the countries and capital cities of the UK.  It's important that you know what they are called and where they are.

Next, draw a flag for each country and write the name of the country and capital city.  Then name a natural landmark and a man-made landmark for each country.  Watch the video as many times as you need to.   Natural landmarks are made by nature and man-made landmarks have been built by humans.



In school, we have been enjoying The Dengineers on CBBC.  They have lots of great clips showing you how to design your own den.  Look at this clip below that shows you how to make a drawbridge.  If you have an empty box, why not try making your own drawbridge with the materials you have at home?


If you enjoyed the clip, there are lots more Dengineers clips here - maybe you'd like to try out a different idea instead!  Explore these ideas and see what you can make.


PSHE will be done online with Mrs Bolton in your Zoom lessons this week.



RE - see Mrs Bolton's page for today's activity.

MUSIC - We didn't get the opportunity to join in with a BBC Live Lesson in class this year but there is a music one we can enjoy this week.  It uses a similar idea that we did in class with the rhythms we played to chips and cherries.  Watch and join in with the first 20 minutes of this Live Lesson which is about rhythm.  If you want to join in with the rest, feel free to enjoy it.  

 1 tenpiecespartyrhythm.pdfDownload
 2 tenpiecespartymelody.pdfDownload
 3 tenpiecespartydynamics.pdfDownload
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Here is a gallery of the wonderful work sent in by children from Year 3 whilst they are learning from home.  Thank you to Jaxon, Honey, Tom, Joanna, Leah, Lola, Louie, Caleb, Brodie and Reuben for working so hard on their tasks and submitting their work.  If you would like to see your work here, please email it to because myself and Mrs Bolton would love to see it.

Jaxon creating his ice lollies.  Well done - they look delicious!
Jaxon creating his ice lollies. Well done - they look delicious!

Try some of the online activities here.  If there are any that you enjoy, please write it in the comments section.


Hello there, If you have any difficulties or questions, please leave a message and I'll do my best to help. Let me know how you are all getting on. Bye just now. Mrs Baron :-)

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Mrs Baron - for Alfie(less than a month ago)

Alfie, you're doing really well. You have some new books to read. Keep it up! Good boy!

alfie(less than a month ago)

please can i have some more books on bug club

Mrs Baron - for Paul(about a month ago)

Hello Paul! It's nice to hear from you and thank you for your well wishes. I hope you are well - it will be great when everyone can see each other again. Bye for now, Mrs Baron.

paul stott(about a month ago)

Hi mrs baron I hope your all safe and well I hope I can see you all soon stay safe and stay home that’s all I’m asking for and I was in your class in year 5 now I’m in year 7 now at all saints high school

Mrs Baron - for Alfie(about a month ago)

Brilliant Alfie! You have 30 more. Keep it up - you are doing so well.

alfie(about a month ago)

please can we have some more books on bug club.

Mrs Baron - for Leah(about a month ago)

Well done, Leah! I've allocated you some more books. Orange, Turquoise and Purple. Read them in that order as they become more difficult as you go from Orange to Turquoise to Purple.

Leah(about a month ago)

Hiya Mrs Baron I've read all my books on bug club so please could you give me some more to read?

Mrs Baron - for Alfie(a couple of months ago)

Wow, Alfie! You are doing a super job! Keep it up. You have some more books now. Mrs Baron

Mrs Baron - for Ismaeel(a couple of months ago)

Wow, Ismaeel! That's brilliant - keep reading and you will soon reach 1000. Superb!

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A NOTE TO PARENTS - There has been a lot of press coverage about 'home learning' and the trials and tribulations. This is new ground for us all and we are learning as we go. It might take time to find a routine, there may be technical difficulties and there may just be some days when things just don't work out. It's fine. Please don't worry. We want learning to continue to be fun. Most of all, we really just want to get all of our pupils back healthy and happy.

Mrs Bolton and I can be contacted via the comments section above or on .

TIMES TABLES ROCKSTARS - use your login details to play at home and increase your rock star status!  (Details stuck in the front of your reading diary.)

Click here to play:  

Grammar Glossary

Here is a handy glossary of terms to help support homework. (Please scroll down to find the year 3 specific terms )


Keep up with your reading.  You all have some new books to explore.  Remember to complete the bug activities as you work through each book.  I will be able to see all of your hard work and I'll give you a mention in the comments section.

If you are having any trouble logging in, please leave me a message and I'll see if I can solve it.

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