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Hey there 2GT! We have our own year 2 email address where you can send me a message or send me pictures of you busy working. I will get a message back to you just as soon as I can. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Grimshaw 


There is lots of talk in the media about homeschooling your children and how it should be done. There is no one right way to do this. I am finding my way with home schooling just like you all are.

My advice would be:

Have a go at the activities planned every day.(found below) 

Don't try to do too much. You don't have to do it all. Suggested 1- 1 and a half hours a day.

Make sure you do some excerise. Maybe Joe Wicks?

Use the suggested website page linked on the home page to play learning games etc.

Get in touch in the comments section if you have any problems.


Good Luck.

Mrs Grimshaw



Wednesday 8th April 2020

Good morning 2GT

Check your answers and have a go at today's activities.

Remember keep it neat and tidy! 

You are doing a great job.


Answers for Tuesday 7.4.20


1. 18

2. 6

3. 24

4. 535

Keep trying your best 2GT! I am proud of you all!

Maths work answers for Tuesday 7th April.


Wednesday's work 8.4.20

4 A Day  8.4.20

1. How many minutes in half an hour?

2. 5 x 7 =

3. half of 30 is?

4. 2 x 5 =

Watch this clip to help you with your fractions work. You need lesson 3, step 8 clip. Click the link below.

 White Rose Year 2

There are two pages of fractions don't forget to scroll down!

Have a go at this game to practise your amazing times tables skills.

Hit the Button

English- Have a go at this reading comprehension.

It's well being Wednesday- Have a go at colouring this poster. Scroll down to print out the colouring in sheet. If you don't have a printer try drawing your own rainbow to display in your window.


Send me a picture of your finished work to 





GARDEN OF GETHSEMANE.Bible App for Kids - #30 In the Garden - Jesus is arrested - Story ...

Click on the link below, it should take you to a YOUTUBE video that explains what happened after Jesus and his disciples had their last supper.


You will see that the disciples felt sad that they had denied and even betrayed Jesus. 

When people feel sad, we might try to cheer them up. 

Can you write a lovely message to someone in your house? Maybe you could draw a wonderful picture too! That's sure to cheer them up!                                                               UK Greetings Camden Graphics Smiley Faces Blank Card | WHSmith



Remember there is now a yr2 email address, if you want to send me any of your work or messages. 


Mrs Toddington :)  



Hello 2GT, We hope you and your family are all well. You can leave messages and comments in this space. Thank you for checking in . Mrs Grimshaw and Mrs Toddington

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Mrs Grimshaw(about a day ago)

Hey 2GT we now have a year 2 email. Get in touch let me know how you are doing at home. You can email pictures or just send me a note. I will reply just as soon as I can. Looking forward to hearing from you. Mrs Grimshaw

Mrs Grimshaw(less than a week ago)

Hey 2GT another week almost done. I hope you are all looking after each other and trying to a little work every day. Keep up the good work! Mrs Grimshaw

Mrs Toddington(about a week ago)

Hello Sally, Mrs Warburton has posted work for 2W group in the 1/2&2W class page. Hope everyone is keeping well. There's maths, english and some topic work on the class page. Enjoy. Mrs Toddington :)

Sally(about a week ago)

Although Evie is in the year 1/2 class am I right in thinking we should be doing the work from these pages. Thanks Sally

Mrs Grimshaw(about a week ago)

Hey Kian I am glad you are enjoying your work. It's fine to do your work on a whiteboard if that is where you want to do it. Thanks for your message and keep it up! Mrs Grimshaw xx I hope you were dancing to the theme tune like you usually do in class :) Mrs Toddington x

Kian Phillipson(about a week ago)

hello, iv really enjoyed the big ben work today, iv been doing my work on my whiteboard and taking pictures instead of doing it in my book. Is this okay? thankyou :) x

Mrs Grimshaw(about a week ago)

Glad to hear it Paige and Zoe! Well done keep it up! Mrs Grimshaw

Paige pilling(about a week ago)

Were in thankyou very much

Mrs Grimshaw(about a week ago)

Hello Paige Let's try to get you sorted. Try Username: Paige2 Password: Paige2 School Code: bacu Have a go with this and let me know if you are struggling Mrs Grimshaw xx

Mrs Grimshaw(about a week ago)

Hello Zoe Sorry you are struggling. I am on it I will message as soon as I have checked it out. Mrs Grimshaw

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We have been sorting animals into their groups (bird, fish,

mammal, amphibian, reptile or insect.

Then we grouped animals by what they eat-herbivores,

carnivores and omnivores.

During our investigations, we explored the poop (saltdough

mixture) left behind by different animals so see which group

they fit into.

After that we made and labelled our own animal stomachs.

As part of our science topic ANIMALS, we have had a visit from Andrew from Animals In-tuition. The children learnt about animal groups, diets, looking after each animal and handling with care. 


These are the class novels we have explored so far...


Autumn 1  Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus

Autumn 2 Snow Queen

Spring 1 Alice in Wonderland




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