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with Mrs Grimshaw and Mrs Toddington

Welcome to the start of a new year!

There's lots to look forward to.


As part of our materials topic in Science, we have been taking part in some experiments with the FLASH BANG SCIENCE TEAM.

We have had great fun learning about separating materials and making slime like materials. 

Maybe they could try some simple experiments at home with you! 

THANK YOU for those who were able to attend the welcome meeting. For those who were unable to attend, you will find lots of information in the presentation below. for the diary-There will be a KS1 reading meeting on Tuesday 1st October 2.45-3.10pm for hints and tips to help your child with their reading. Hope you can make it. 

YEAR 2GT Welcome Meeting information


Autumn 1 -2019


This half term we will be learning to write a story with a familiar setting. We will be reading PEACE AT LAST.

The children will be changing the story with their own characters and writing a new story. Peace at Last By Jill Murphy


Can they write a story at home about a familiar place?

Have they remembered to use capital letters and full stops?

Have they used any conjunctions to join their sentences? (and, but, or, so)


Maths  Image result for money

In maths we will be learning about money. We will be using column addition and column subtraction to show that we can add and subtract money. We will be working out how much money we need to buy items from the shop. We will also be working out how much change we might get once we pay for our items.



In science we will be learning about the human body and using our senses. Image result for our senses








General information



Your child will have one guided reading session and one individual home reader session each week. Your child's reading day will be written in the front of their purple reading record. 


Library day is a Thursday. Each class visits the library every two weeks on a rota basis.

 Image result for book worm


  PE days are Mondays and Tuesdays. Please remove earrings.  Image result for PE


   Image result for Homework

Your child will be given homework on Fridays and it will be collected the following Friday. 

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