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ready for half term? 

year2w  We have been looking at David Walliams stories

David Walliams Collection 4 Picture Books Gift Set Slightly Annoying Elephant  we will be writing a story in the same style.........

In MATHS we have been reading scales and doing length and mass word problemsImage result for reading scales mass


Our afternoon reading novels are from the HORRID HENRY series.....

Horrid Henry Francesca Simon 20 Children Books RRP £100+



PHONICS will be taught in PHASE groups instead of the whole class approach...the children were assessed at the end of last term and have been assigned to a group from their assessment.                       

SPELLINGS will be sent home from the Phonics groupImage result for phonics phases


Spellings in the literacy lesson will be the Common Exception words from Year1 and Year2

Related image

We having been designing a moon buggy in D.T. 

In Geography we have been making maps,identfying countries and naming seas.



year1 are writing letters

year2 are writing a narrative story based on CINDERELLA








There will be party games,  disco, food and even a special visitor.





We are going to be collecting in all the

key stage one reading books before the Christmas break. Please could you return any school reading books you may have before Friday 20th December.

Thank you.

FRIDAY IS ELF DAY!!!! COME ALONG AND JOIN KEYSTAGE 1 ACTIVITY MORNING..... 9.15 PLEASE WAIT IN FOYER literacy /numeracy and craft activities......selfie booth and hot chocolate


Image result for ELF


Dont forget to wear your best ELF CLOTHES!!!!!

Our next writing theme is INSTRUCTIONS

 We will be using HOW TO WASH A WOOLLY MAMMOTH  Image result for how to wash a woolly mammoth instructions text map tfwstory as a starting point for our Instuction writing.



As part of our topic in Art we have been looking at artists who have used lines and shapes within their work. We are also looking at tones and shades and how we can create them using different resources.


This week we have had a visit from the local artists Ruth and Felix Evans.


Ruth and Felix Evans came in and created a winter snowstorm with the children using lines and shapes. We also had a go at mixing colours to create darker and lighter tones.

The children really enjoyed creating their own snowstorms using winter colours, glitter, sequins and much more!

As part of our Materials topic in Science, we have been taking part in some experiments with the FLASH BANG SCIENCE team.

Maybe they can talk you through some experiments you can try at home! 

We are busy busy this last week before half term.....

We have started our new Science topic today.

We are looking at MATERIALS.....identifying everyday materials and their properties....we will continue  this topic after the half term holiday. Image result for materials and their properties ks1


LITERACY  we  have been reading lots of traditional tales in preparation for our writing unit which we started today and will complete the week after half term. JACK AND THE BEANSTALK is the text we are using as our talk for writing base. At the end of the 2 weeks unit 

 we will be writing our own traditional tale....of course using, correct punctuation, adjectives and joining words!!!

 Image result for fee fi fo fum giantImage result for jack and the beanstalk

NUMERACY.....getting difficult!!! addition and subtraction word problems......part part whole , counting on and backwards in our heads.....Image result for SOLVING WORD PROBLEMS CLIP ART

Year2's working with numbers up to 1000!

KEEP UP WITH YOUR TIMESTABLE ROCKSTARS.....have you made the hall of fame yet??

Image result for times tables rockstars


Hello and welcome to 1/2BW!

1/2BW is taught by Mrs Warburton and Mr Bent.


We have lots of fun activities planned to help us learn through enjoyment! We want every child to be happy. That's our mission!



The children are looking very smart in their uniforms at the beginning of term and have had a very busy start.



The first book the Year 1 children are looking at in English is We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen.


In Music, we have been learning a song on the glockenspiel, as well as trying to sing it.


We have been looking at different ways to move in P.E. P.E. takes place on Thursday and Friday. Make sure to have your kits in then.


In Computing, we have been learning how to stay safe on laptops as well as log in to them.


We will soon be starting to learn about The Great Fire of London.

Year 2W


Thankyou to the parents who came to the welcome meeting...any queries or questions please pop in to see me...any Mon-Thurs morning or Monday afternoon.

Don't forget the LISTENING TO YOUR CHILD READING MEETING on October 1st 2.45pm Mrs Toddington will be giving you some ideas on how to listen to your child read...... 

The year 2 children will be taught Literacy and Numeracy until

1 1.10am each day by Mrs Warburton in the conservatory. 

In addition I.S.P. and year2 target

work will be done on Fridays 11.10-12.

The children are covering the year2 objectives in preparation

for the Keystage1 S.A.T.s in May.

Homework will be sent home each week. 

GPS work, Numeracy (linked to the topic we are doing in

maths)and Spellings. Please return MONDAYS *******

Mr Bent changes reading books on a TUESDAY OR WEDNESDAY....please use the reading diary .....dont forget to access BUG CLUB the user name and password are inside the reading diary.



Library day is a Thursday. Your child will have a library book that can be changed every two weeks.Image result for bug club

Autumn 1 -2019


This half term we will be learning to write a story with a familiar setting. We will be reading PEACE AT LAST.

The children will be changing the story with their own characters and writing a new story. Peace at Last By Jill Murphy


Can they write a story at home about a familiar place?

Have they remembered to use capital letters and full stops?

Have they used any conjunctions to join their sentences? (and, but, or, so)

Can we spell our common exception words???


Maths  Image result for moneyInspire Maths

We begin each day with our 4 a day...4 quick arithmetic tasks which the children do as soon as they arrive at school.

In themaths lessons we will be learning about money.

We will be using column addition and column subtraction to show that we can add and subtract money.

We will be working out how much money we need to buy items from the shop.

We will also be working out how much change we might get once we pay for our items

We are working with bigger numbers and we should be able to recognise numbers to and over 100

We will also be practising counting in 2's, 5's and 10's

Your child can access Timetables Rockstars at home.....join in the challenge......Image result for times table rockstars