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On Wednesday 27th June, Year 6 will be taught some important life-saving skills.  They will learn how to dial 999 correctly, how to control serious bleeding, how to put people in the recovery position, how to perform CPR and how to deal with someone who is choking.  They will watch some video clips and get the chance to practise some skills.  

Thank you to Heartstart for this opportunity. 

Welcome to Year 6Ba!

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Welcome back Year 6 to your last six weeks at Holy Trinity!


SATs are now over, but take a look at some of the things coming up this half term...


We will start the first week back by exploring plastic pollution - what do you already know about it? What should be done about it? We will be carrying out our own research, before writing a persuasive letter to our MP with things that we think can be done about it. 

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The World Cup is starting on Thursday 14th June so we will be carrying out some research into the countries taking part. Who will win this year?

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Healthy week starts on Monday 18th June so make sure that you have a full PE kit in school all week so that you can take part in the different events. Sports Day takes place on Wednesday 20th June for KS2.

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Other events coming up include:

  • Prom
  • Leavers service at church
  • Yr5/6 Concert
  • Summer Fair
  • Residential trip to Wales 
  • KS2 Party day


As you can see it is a busy last few weeks!

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PINK DAY! 25.5.18

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Homework  - due in on Friday 11th May

Punctuation - Pages 42, 43 and 44

Grammar - Pages 58, 59, 60 and 61

Maths Foundation - Pages 90, 91, 92 and 93

Maths Standard - Pages 80, 81, 82 and 83

Maths Advanced - Pages 80, 81, 84, 85, 86 and 87

Your homework is due in every Friday.  

Spellings for w/c Tuesday 8th May











Year 6 have been keeping a blog of what is going on around school. Check out their entries below...

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Welcome back to Summer 1! This is our busy half term Year 6! Take a look below at what is going on this half term...

Our work in Literacy and Numeracy will be revision based in preparation for the SATs. 

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In Science we will be carrying out a Scientist Study of the late Stephen Hawking. What do you already know about him? What would you like to find out?

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In Topic we will be beginning a new three week Design and Technology unit exploring mechanisms and how they work. 

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In Computing we will become travel writers and create a travel document using media and mapping to publish our document. 

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Keep remembering to read regularly at home and access Bug Club and Sumdog.  


Welcome back to Spring 2! Take a look at what is going on this half term in Year 6...

Our new topic in Literacy is Balanced Arguments. We will start by looking at different examples and then write out own balanced argument to debate whether primary school children should get homework. 

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In Science we will be looking at Electricity. We will recap the different circuit symbols and be exploring why certain circuits do not work. We will then be planning and carrying out our own electrical investigation following the rules of a 'fair test'. 

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In Topic we will be beginning a three week art unit looking at perspective drawing. We will be drawing our own street scene using a vanishing point and then add texture to it using collage. 

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Our new computing unit is 'We are network technicians'. In this unit we will gain a deeper understanding into how computer networks transmit and receive information digitally. 

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Keep remembering to read regularly at home and access Bug Club and Sumdog.  

Thank you for coming to our WW2 Open Afternoon! We all had a great time - check out the pictures below!

Happy New Year! Take a look at what is going on in year 6 during Spring 1 half term...

History topic - World War 2

We will begin this topic with a visit to The Imperial War Museum in Salford on Thursday 11th January. You can check it out here 


Whilst we are here, we will be able to see some artefacts from WW2 an have the chance to see a real life tank!

We will continue our learning of this topic when back at school and we will be looking at evacuees, The Blitz and designing propaganda posters.  

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We will be basing our Literacy work this half term on WW2. We will be writing up a recount of our trip to the museum, writing a diary entry as if we were a soldier in the war and writing a newspaper report about The Blitz.



Our new Science topic  'Animals including Humans' will begin with us exploring the circulatory system in our body and what it does. We will then move on to understand the impact that exercise and diet has on our body. 

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Our new unit is 'We are advertisers'. We will be designing and creating a video advert in small groups to advertise the necessity for e-safety. 

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Year 6 SATs Date Information 

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Year 6 have been learning a song in Spanish to help them remember what family members are called. 

What words do you know? Can you remember what each word means?

Autumn 2

 Welcome back to your second half term in year 6! Take a look at what we will be learning this half term...


In Literacy we will begin by writing our own diary and we will be imagining that we were a WW1 soldier. 

What can you see/hear? What were the conditions like? How are you feeling? 

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In Topic we will be continuing our Design and Technology Food topic by designing and making our own healthy pizza. What do you think will make a good topping?

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Our new topic in Science is Evolution and Inheritance. Can you remember what you inherit and what is acquired?                   

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Other key dates to note this half term:

Friday 10th November - Remembrance Service at the Peace Garden

Monday 4th December - Parents' Evening


Remember to keep reading at home and to record in your diary everyday. 


This week we are looking at homophones.

Don't forget that for homework you need to find the meaning of each word.












In Literacy we have been looking at Just so Stories and are currently in thprocess of writing our own based on 'How the Camel got his hump'. What animal have you based your story on...? Image result for just so stories

In Science we are looking at the topic Light. We have been making our own periscope and explaining how light travels. Can you remember when a periscope would be useful?Image result for light topic

We have just come to the end of a three week topic unit based on RE. The religions that we have been looking at are Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam. We have been exploring the different journeys that people from each faith go through. What can you remember about religion? 

What a great start to Year 6 you have all made! Take a look at some of the things that are going on this half term...


Spellings are given out every Friday and a test will take place the following Friday.

Homework is given out by your Maths Group Teacher every Friday and must be returned by the following Friday. 

PE days are Monday and Friday. Please make sure that you have a full kit available in school on these days.

Reading Records and books should be brought to school everyday. Make sure that you keep reading lots at home.

Don't forget to use Bugclub and Sumdog at home too.