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We really enjoyed our trip to Helmshore Mills Textile Museum this week!

Don't forget - Swimming on Tuesday and P.E on Thursday!

Our class pet: Australian Stick insects!

Australian stick insects eat blackberry and rose leaves. They are very fussy! They can grow wings and use them to fly. Can you spot them in the images below?


In numeracy, We are learning all about the time. We will be looking at both analogue and digital clocks.


60 minute = 1 hour

60 seconds = 1 minute

24 hours = 1 day


If you want to practice times tables, use the following website:



 In literacy, we are going to write our own fantasy story.


We will be basing our fantasy story on Alice in Wonderland!



 The children have been learning about states of matter!






Can you remember the particle structure for each one? 



In history, we will be looking at the Ancient Greeks and the Victorians. We are researching historical events and figure such as Alexander the Great and some famous Greek battles!

We will be visiting Helmshore Textile Museum on Thursday 22nd February!  


W/C 09/02/18:  illegal, illogical, incorrect, incurable, impossible, improper, imperfect, irresponsible, irrelevant, irregular.

W/C 26/02/18: weightlifter, neighbourly, eighteen, freight, reindeer, vein, reign, obey, they, prey