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Welcome to 3B! (Mrs Bolton's class)

Spellings week beginning 15th October
words with the prefix 'sub' meaning 'under'
subheading, submerge, submarine, subway, subdivide
used, different, learn, eight


To help understand life in the Stone Age, we have been finding out about Skara Brae on the Orkney Islands, Scotland.  Watch the video from for further information about Skara Brae and then try the BBC Game.

Video = 

Game =



Take a look at these video links and work out which information you already knew and which details are new to you.  Bring any work that you do into school for a special reward.  - Why is a healthy lifestyle important? - What is a balanced diet?



A very warm welcome to all the new Year 3s this Autumn Term!

Thank you for visiting our class page. Here you will find information about what we will be doing in class, links to useful websites and pictures and videos of us in action. Spellings will also be updated each week in case spelling books go missing between school and home. 


This term will begin with...


Literacy - We will be learning about Fables and writing our own version of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. We will also be learning about complex sentences. Do you know the difference between a main clause and a subordinate clause?


If you would like to listen to some Fables at home please follow the link below to BBC School Radio where there are a selection of 40! Fables all lasting around 5 minutes. 

Click here for Fables



INSPIRE Maths - We are beginning with mental addition before moving onto mental subtraction. We will also be having a big push on becoming quick and accurate at recalling our x4 and x6 timetables.




Topic - Our first topic is DT in which we are focusing on designing and making a phone case. We will be developing our sewing skills as part of the process.



Computing - We are learning how to create online surveys using and have been learning about what information it is safe to share online as part of our online safety.


We have started to read The Witches by Roald Dahl as our class novel. Do you know a real witch? Have you been looking out for the signs? 

Image result for THE WITCHES BOOK




Spellings week beginning 8th October
The prefix 're' meaning 'again' or 'back'

redo, refresh, return, reappear, redecorate, revise
build, heart, grammar, history

Spellings week beginning 1-10-2018
words with the prefix ir and common words
irregular, irrelevant, irresponsible
breath, breathe, exercise
went, with
couldn't, shouldn't, doesn't

Spellings week beginning 24th September 2018
prefix 'in' meaning not or into but changing to 'il' for words beginning with l and 'im' for words beginning with m or p.

illegal, illegible, illiterate, immature, immortal, impossible, impatient, imperfect
early, fruit, learn




Spellings Wk Beginning 10-9-2018
Words with the prefix 'in' meaning not, in or into
incorrect, incomplete, inadequate, incapable, include, increase, inconsiderate
answer, question, because,

wk beginning 17th September
prefixes dis- and mis- adding a negative meaning

misbehave, mislead, misspell, misjudge
disappoint, disagree, disobey, dishonest
address, believe, busy

Please try to read your book or BUGCLUB as much as possible and record your reading in your record. (Remember - regular reading means extra team points!)