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Welcome to Class 1GW

What have Class 1GW been doing this week?

Week beginning 5.2.18

This week we have been.......

  • Learning our class poem- My Robot's Misbehaving by Kenn Nesbitt. We  learnt to recite it by adding actions to it. We then wrote the poem out and practised our super handwriting. We all did so well everyone got a handwriting certificate! Well done keep up the good work!


  • We have been applying our knowledge of addition and subtraction, numbers to 20, times tables and other maths skills to develop our mastery in maths. Some of us applied this by working out lots of challenging problems to solve the mystery of the pancake thief.  We had to work out missing number problems, multiplication questions and other number problems to get the clues to find out who stole the pancake.  We all worked extremely hard and eventually discovered who the thief was. Others applied the skills in lots of different activities to help practise and recap the skills we have learnt and apply them in greater depth. We all did really well-Great work everyone!


  • Starting our new topic- Design and Technology. We have learnt how to draw around a template to get a desired shape, then we showed off our great cutting skills by cutting out the shapes. We then learnt how to use a hole punch to make holes and add split pins through the holes to create a lever (moving part). We put our shapes together to create a moving robot! 


  • Learning how to stay safe on the internet. We discussed what rules we should follow to help us stay safe on the internet and we read a story called Clicking Chicken which highlighted to us the dangers of giving personal details out online. We played a game to help us remember how to stay safe online and made a little poster to let other children know what they should do to stay safe online. 
  • Some of the rules we learnt are 
  • Ask a grown-up before using the computer and let them know what you are using it for.
  • Don't give your full name- use a nickname.
  • Don't give anyone your personal details like where you live.
  • If something pops up that you are not sure about go and tell a grown up.
  • Do not arrange to meet a stranger online. 
  • We hope that all the children will remember these rules and consistently follow them. We know as they grow up they will use the internet more and more and we want every child to STAY SAFE ONLINE. 


  •  Learning how to throw underarm. We practised throwing correctly and then applied this skill to lots of different games like throwing through a hoop, throwing into a target, throwing to knock the ball off a cone. We all really enjoyed this and will be applying this skill in team games next term.


Everyone has tried very hard with their work this term and the whole class got a merit award for all their super effort. I hope you all have a good rest over half term and look forward to seeing you next term for another super term.

Have a great half term holiday everyone. 

Mrs Gendler-Watson :) 


Look what Class 1GW have been up to this term.

Active Learn/Bug club guide for parents.

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 Happy New Year!

Welcome back to Spring Term 2018.

I hope you have all had a great Christmas break.

We have another busy half term coming up with lots of new and exciting topics.

Literacy- We will be exploring fantasy stories and writing super sentences to write our own fantasy story. If you have any exciting books at home based around fantasy like aliens, pirates, dinosaurs, robots etc. dig them out and enjoy reading them with your family. You may want to bring them in to share with your friends at school too!

Maths- We will be using our skills and knowledge of numbers to 20 to help answer addition and subtraction questions and word problems.

Science- We are exploring materials again and using our knowledge from the past materials topic to help us develop our scientific understanding of materials in greater depth.

PE- Don't forget your PE Kit for Tuesday  and Thursday's! We are going to be learning lots of skills to help us play different games within PE. For example: rolling, throwing, catching, kicking.

Music- We will be listening to different types of music- Blues, Latin and Funk and learning a song to sing along to these different sounds. We will also explore improvising with instruments and learn how to compose simple music to play alongside our songs.

Religious Education- We will be covering the topic of Christianity over a 3 week block. We will be learning about God, Jesus and the Church.

Phonics- We will be continuing with our phonics lessons and spelling tests will resume soon, please keep checking spelling books for the new spelling test words.

Bug Club-New books will be available over the next week. Bug club is part of our reading scheme, we use this as well as the reading books the children get in their book bags. Please can you make sure you read some bug club books each week as well as the reading books from class. If you need help logging on please come and see me.

PE days are Tuesday and Thursday 

Homework books sent home on Friday, to be returned the following Thursday. 

Spellings sent home every Friday

Click here to see this weeks spellings


Library books change days:



KS1 Christmas Party 2017.

1GW KS1 Christmas Party

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Christmas craft day.

We all had a great time especially the children!

KS1 Christmas craft day

Exploring painting.

Exploring Shapes

Class 1GW Geography Walk.

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