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Welcome to Class 1GW

What have Class 1GW been doing this week?

Week beginning 9.4.18

This week we have .......

  •  Read lots of Julia Donaldson books and linked in our Grammar activities to the books. 

  • Finished off addition to 40 and now started subtraction to 40.  We have learnt how to add and subtract using the vertical column strategy and used our tens and ones chart and resources to help us work out the answers. Remembering these steps: first add or take away the ones, then add or take away the tens. 


  • Started to look at different plants in Science and drew a spring garden with lots of new plants in it.


  • Been learning about Hinduism in RE. We learnt that Hindu's believe in 1 supreme God but he has lots of different Gods who represent different things about the supreme God. We have read stories about the Hindu Gods and chosen our favourite God.


  • Been practising catching in PE. We had a special helper who came and helped in our PE lessons and we enjoyed practising our catching skills with him and playing some fun games to apply our skills.


  • Talked about similarities and differences in boys and girls in PSHE. We discussed how we all look the same but that we are also different in different ways i.e. different hair or eye colour, some of us wear glasses, some of us have freckles etc.






Summer Term 1

Welcome back to Summer term 1. What a fun packed term we have to look forward to.

I hope you have all had a great Easter break. 

This term we will be......

Literacy- Reading lots of great stories by Julia Donaldson. If you have any of her books at home bring them in and share them with your friends.

We will be talking about them, exploring the characters and then having a go at writing our own story based around the wonderful story Monkey Puzzle.


Maths- Continuing with addition and subtraction to 40 and then applying these skills in problem solving and mental calculations. Then we will be learning our numbers to 100!!! We will be learning to tell the time (O'clock and half past), practising our times tables 2,5,10 and applying all the maths skills we have learnt already in lots of different ways.



 RE- We will be learning about 3 different religions Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism. We will be learning about their beliefs and way of life. 


Art- We will be exploring the work of the artist Andy Goldsworthy and replicating it through our own drawings and 3D sculpture. 


Geography- We will be discussing weather patterns through the different seasons, identify the 4 countries and 4 capital cities of the United Kingdom, locate hot and cold areas of the world and compare a different country to us. We will also be creating our own maps and following them to show our great map skills. ( This topic continues into summer term 2)

PE-We will be continuing our games skills by practising catching, underarm throwing and kicking. We will then apply all the games skills we have learnt to lots of different team games. 


I hope you are all ready and excited about our new topics. I look forward to another great, hard working term! 

Don't forget:

Bug club will be updated with your new book band books so go and check out what new and exciting books you have be given to read. 


Spellings will continue to go home on a Monday for you to practise and test yourself at home.


Homework will continue to be sent home on a Friday. Please make sure you complete your homework and return it by Thursday the following week.

1GW Open afternoon.

Look what Class 1GW have been up to this term.

Active Learn/Bug club guide for parents.

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PE days are Tuesday and Thursday 

Homework books sent home on Friday, to be returned the following Thursday. 

Spellings sent home every Friday

Click here to see this weeks spellings



KS1 Christmas Party 2017.

1GW KS1 Christmas Party

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Christmas craft day.

We all had a great time especially the children!

KS1 Christmas craft day

Exploring painting.

Exploring Shapes

Class 1GW Geography Walk.

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