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28th August 14



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 Thank you for all your effort and thank you very much if you have brought your sponsorship money in already!

During this week commencing 23rd June, the children have all taken part in an event raising money for Hope in Sri Lanka. In 2011, after the enormous success of the “Tuktukathon,” the school bought a Tuk Tuk for the charity, which provides VITAL support for the orphans, in terms of providing transport to and from hospital, delivering food and clothing and allowing children in rural areas access to education. I went out to Sri Lanka in 2011 when the Tuk Tuk was delivered to the orphanage. The Tuk Tuk does an average of 300 miles a WEEK; the same distance as from school to Dover! So it needs a MOT; new wheels, battery etc.
The event consisted of the children pushing inflatable tyres around the field, equivalent to some of the daily distances travelled in the Tuk Tuk. They have been tyre rolling to five different "stations" on the school field including a hospital stop where we had to bandage the teddy ( as the Tuk Tuk is used to carry the children for hospital check ups) and a supermarket stop where the children had to collect plastic fruit in shopping baskets ( as the Tuk Tuk is used to transport food to the children in remote areas). The children have thoroughly enjoyed it and there has been great support from families and friends of the school children. The tyres have been rolled as we need to raise money to replace the tyres and battery on the Tuk Tuk, which the children bought with the previous fund raising event in support of Hope in Sri Lanka.

They have done it again! Thank you very much to Macy, Jessica, Millie, Becca and Emily F, Emily T, Sadiyah in year 6 and Kyrah in year 5  for organising and raising an amazing £325.50 for Hope in Sri Lanka by doing a sponsored swim! We are very proud of you!

The Fundraisers